David Banda is the embraced son the singer-actor Madonna Louise Ciccone and her previous husband, male Ritchie. Born in Malawi, David shed his mommy soon after ~ his birth, and was sent to an orphanage by his father. Madonna decided to embrace the baby with her ‘Raising Malawi’ program. The fostering posed several difficulties, but she ultimately succeeded in adopting him. David has grown right into an strong teenager and also a talented football player. The is also an excellent at singing and keyboard playing. Apparently, that accompanied Madonna on her ‘2015 Rebel love Tour.’



Birth & Adoption

David was born top top September 24, 2005, in Lipunga, Malawi, to Marita and Yohane Banda, a negative farmer couple. Soon after his birth, his mom died. Can not to take treatment of the new-born, Yohane sent the kid to an orphanage, ‘Home of hope Orphan care Center,’ Mchinji district, Malawi. In ~ the age of 13 months, the child had health issues. Initially, he had actually malaria and tuberculosis, complied with by pneumonia.

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Madonna, who had actually co-founded the ‘Raising Malawi’ organization, was in Malawi because that this charity program. Once she witnessed David in Mchinji orphanage, she determined to adopt him. ~ above October 10, 2006, she registered v the Malawi government for the fostering of the baby.



When she take it the infant boy together with her ~ above October 16, 2006, it ended up being a issue of controversy. Several of the human rights teams said that Madonna controlled to embrace the baby as she to be a celebrity. 

Madonna’s exclusive jet was stalled on the runway that Malawi’s Lilongwe airport once she was about to paris out v the adopted baby. The Malawian law required the prospective parental to be occupants of the nation for a minimum that 18 months prior to adoption. Madonna was accused of utilizing her celebrity condition to hasten the adoption process. Part newspapers also accused her of ‘kidnapping’ infant David indigenous the orphanage.



Another objection come the adoption was that David wasn’t an orphan, his father Yohane to be alive. About that time, Yohane gave many contradictory interviews. Apparently, he didn’t have actually a clean idea that adoption, and was under impression the he would continue to be the father of the boy. He believed that he was handing over the infant to the lady just for the boy’s better education and future. 

Also, Madonna’s imminent divorce from she then-husband male Ritchie, and her fight because that the custody that her biological son developed doubts in the minds of Yohane Banda and also Malawian authorities. Doubt were elevated whether she was even ‘capable of increasing a child.’



However, Madonna won her case in the Malawian supreme Court, and David Banda officially ended up being her son. She named him David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie, hence including the surname of his birthplace, and the critical names that herself, his biological father and adopted father, Ritchie.

David’s brand-new Life & the brand-new Family 

In Madonna’s Marylebone townhouse, David acquired a room of his own with expensive toys and all possible luxuries. He has actually two enlarge siblings, a sister, Lourdes Leon, from Madonna’s previously relationship v actor Carlos Leon, and a brother, Rocco Richie, son of Madonna and also her then-husband guy Ritchie.



After the decision that divorce to be finalized (2008), Madonna moved to brand-new York, taking David along and also was viewed accompanied through David at miscellaneous places and also games.

Later, Madonna embraced Mercy James in 2009 and also twins Stella and Estere Ciccone in 2017, from Malawi. David’s organic father remarried later, and David has actually a biological half-brother, Dingiswayo. From man Ritchie’s second marriage, David has three adoptive half-siblings, Rafael, Rivka and Levi.

Life during Growing-up year & together a Teenager

As David prospered up, Madonna often posted your pictures and videos on she social media accounts. That was frequently seen singing in addition to her. David has posted numerous videos of the singing and playing approximately with his siblings. The is great at singing and playing keyboard. The sang Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t aid Falling in Love…’ in a collaboration video clip with Madonna.

David Banda has additionally appeared with Madonna ~ above red carpet, with both of them wearing equivalent black suits.

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David is a very good football player. In 2017, Madonna relocated to Lisbon once David joined the Portuguese football club, ‘Benfica Youth Academy.’ In the feather of 2017, David went with tests and got admission in the club. Because that the football training, he lived at the club’s youth academy in Seixal, a suburb the Lisbon, while Madonna to buy a villa in Lisbon. 

In July 2018, Madonna returned to Malawi through David come visit the same orphanage and the same crib whereby she had seen him for the an initial time. They invested some emotional moments there. All her (biological and adopted) youngsters were existing during this Malawi visit.