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The old man was covered in tattoos and scars;He gained some in prikid and others in bars.The rest, he obtained workin" on old junk cars...In the daytime.They looked prefer tombstones in our yardAnd I never before viewed him once he wasn"t tiredAnd mean.He sold provided components to make ends meetCovered through sweat in the Texas heatAnd mosquitoes.And the next-door neighbors shelp we lived like hicksBut they brung their cars for Paw to fixAnyexactly how.He was veteran-proud - tried and true;He"d battled till his heart was black and also blue.Didn"t know how he"d made it throughThe hard times.He bought our home on the G. I. BillBut it wasn"t worth all he had actually to killTo get it.He drank Pearl in a deserve to and Jack Daniels Babsence,Chewed tobacco from a mail pouch sack,Had an old dog that was trained to assault...Sometimes.He"d obtain drunk and expect as a rattlesnakeAnd there wasn"t a lot that he would certainly takeFrom a stranger.Tbelow was thirteen youngsters and also a bunch of dogs,House full of chickens and a yard complete of hogs;Spent the summertime cuttin" up logsFor the winter.Tryin" prefer the devil to uncover the Lord;Workin" choose a nigger for my room and also board;Coal-burnin" range - no herbal gas -If that ain"t "Country", I"ll kiss your ass.If that ain"t "country", it"ll hair-lip the Pope.If that ain"t "country", it"s a damn good joke.I"ve seen the Grand Ol" Opry, and also I"ve met Johnny Cash.If that ain"t "Country", I"ll kiss your ass.Momma sells eggs at the grocery save.My oldest sister is a first-rate whore.Dad claims she can not come residence anymoreAnd he suggests it.Ma simply sits and also keeps her silence.Sister, she left "cause Dad obtained violentAnd he knows it.Momma, she"s old much beyond her times,Choppin" tobacco and also I watched her cryin"When blood began flowin" from her calloffered handsAnd it hurt me.She"d just save workin" - tryin" to aid the old manTill the end of one row then earlier againLike constantly.She"s been with Hell considering that Junior went to jail.When the lights go out she ain"t never before failedTo obtain down on her knees and also prayBecause she loves him.Told all the neighbors he off in the warFightin" for freedom and also he"s good to the coreAnd she"s proud.Now, our location was a graveyard for automobiles.At the end of the porch tbelow was four stacks of wheelsAnd tires for sale for a dollar or twoCash.Tright here was fifty holes in our old tin roof,Me and my household was livin" proofThat people that forobtained about negative white trash,And if that ain"t "Country", I"ll kiss your ass.If that ain"t "country", it"ll hair-lip the Pope.If that ain"t "country", it"s a damn excellent joke.I"ve seen the Grand Ol" Opry, and I"ve met Johnny Cash.If that ain"t "Country", I"ll kiss your ass.An" I"m thinkin" tonight of my blue eyes,And flyin" via the gray speckled bird.I didn"t understand God made honky-tonk angelsAnd went ago to the wild side of life.