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One More Light
May 19, 2017
Leaked Multitracks
March 6, 2017
October 27, 2017
Mike Shinoda, Eg White
Mike Shinoda, Brad Delchild, Emily Wright
Warner Bros. Records

One More Light track listing

"One More Light" is the 9th and also title track from Linkin Park"s seventh studio album, One More Light. The song was written via Eg White about a frifinish of the band"s who passed amethod after a fight with cancer. Phoenix,<1> Mike Shinoda<2> and also Joe Hahn<3> have pointed out it being their favorite song on the album.

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The initially title track Linkin Park has ever done, "One More Light" was considered to be as well important of a song for the band also to simply remajor a song on the album, so the decision was made to title the album after the song. "One More Light" is a much more stripped down song, featuring no percussion and being created of loops of piano and also guitar. The track started acquiring radio airplay following Chester Bennington"s fatality on July 20, 2017<4> and was officially released as a solitary a few months later. It impacted Hot/Modern/AC stations on October 2, and also Top 40/Mainstream radio on October 3.<5>


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Mike Shinoda created a song with Ross Golan. The initial lyric principle in the chorus prior to it adjusted was "I wish I was Christopher Walken" and the song came to be "One More Light".<6>

On November 14, 2016, Mike Shinoda revealed that he had worked through British songwriter Eg White on a song.<7> In an intercheck out leading as much as the expose of the album"s lead single, "Heavy", Shinoda revealed that White had worked with him on the song "One More Light" while Brad Delkid attended the funeral of one of the band"s friends.<8>

It took Mike a week to convince Eg White, who hates Los Angeles, to come in tvery own from London, however when White booked his flight, the band uncovered out a frifinish had passed away. The funeral was on a Friday, the same day White was getting here, so they made a decision Brad would go to the funeral to recurrent the band and also Mike would accomplish White in the studio.<9> When asked what he wanted to create about by White, Shinoda shelp that the just thing he can think about was the frifinish that had passed. He revealed that, in spite of the horrible inevitcapacity of loss, the song is around letting human being understand that you treatment,<10> mentioning the lyrics "Who cares if one more light goes out, one more person dies? I care."<8>

The frifinish was Amy Zaret,<11> a 25-year veteran of Warner Bros. Records that passed away in October 2015 complying with a cancer diagnosis.<12> Mike said, "We had a friend that functioned for the document label for a long time and came up through us from years and years earlier. She began out in radio promo and was basically driving us to the neighborhood radio stations in the UNITED STATE Midwest, eventually obtaining advocated and also promoted. At some point last year, I unexpectedly heard that she"d obtained cancer - and then all of a sudden she had passed away. We knew we absolutely had actually to create around what happened. It"s a sad song, however the pay-off is that once something dramatic and also painful prefer that happens, the many crucial thing to execute is to affix with the civilization you love and remind them you care about them."<13>

Mike originally sang lead vocals on the song, until the band went with Chester’s version right before the album was completed.<14> The band also surprised some of the world who operated at Warner through the song, and also civilization reacted incredibly emotionally to it, via some weeping, giving hugs, and also telling stories.<10> Phoenix actually cried the initially time Mike played the song to the band also.<15>

Before One More Light was released, Mike Shinoda gave Waves a song-by-song glimpse into the album"s production and also mixing. For "One More Light", he sassist, "The mic was actually a Flea 47, which is a Neumann U47 replica. Once every few albums, we do a blind test mic examine session, where we rent up to ten mics and test our vocals on them, to check out if we require a various mic for the music we’re making. Voices adjust over time, so it’s a great habit to gain right into. We compared multiple U47s to the Flea, and also the Flea won in a blind test. We had actually a few different plugin chains for the vocals, which differed from song to song yet normally had the CLA-2A and also CLA-76 compressors, H-Delay, and also – supplied sparingly – the C4 compressor."<16>


"One More Light" was recombined by Steve Aoki as a tribute to Chester Bennington and sent out to fans who bought tickets for Linkin Park"s present in honor of the late singer via the adhering to message: "Thank you for purchasing tickets to Linkin Park & Friends: Celebprice Life In Honor Of Chester Bennington. Our friend Steve Aoki has actually remixed the title track from our album "One More Light". The song will be officially released on October 26th, yet we wanted you to have actually it first." Aoki wrote on Facebook, "Thanks to Linkin Park for providing me the privilege to be a part of this song in this method. Keep Chester cshed to your heart and play this one loud! Sing it loud! We all miss you so a lot."<17>

Music Video

Lyric Video

The lyric video for "One More Light" was started by the German fan Nicola Drilling earlier on May 20, 2017. She created, "The fundamental ideia of this is to make a lyric video for a song of the new Linkin Park record with numerous Fans in it, just as the one I did for 30 Seconds to Mars a while ago. All you have to execute is to film a brief video of you holding a sign via the lyric provided to you (or create in on your face/hand/the ground/ whatever before you desire you have the right to acquire creative). You have the right to either simply show the lyric, sing it or whatever you think is fitting. As soon as I receive all the videos I"ll put it together and upfill it on YouTube."<18> A pevaluation was uploaded to her YouTube channel, AThousand__Suns, on June 30<19> and the full video was released on July 14 featuring footage by herself and also other 40 fans about the civilization. It was dedicated to Chester Bennington after his death. She wrote, "Who cares if another light goes out? We all perform. This was actually supposed to be an uplifting video however bereason of the recent passing of Chester Bennington this is going to be some kind of tribute for him now. We love you Chester. We care if One More Light goes out. You will constantly be our hero and also we will certainly always love you."<20> The video was picked up by the band also and also released as an main lyric video on October 3.

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Music Video

The main music video of "One More Light" was directed by Joe Hahn and Mark Fiore and also released on September 18, 2017, complying with Chester Bennington"s death on July 20. The video is a tribute to the late vocalist featuring behind the scenes and also live footage covering his entire career through the band also.

Joe Hahn wrote: "It has been exceptionally emotional to job-related on this, and also particularly to watch it. I feel that by doing it, we not just confronted some of our greatest fears, but it enabled us to use our talents to carry some light to world that require it. As we relocate forward to the Hollywood Bowl show and also beyond, I think about the civilization that connect through the band, external and inside our circle. This video is a gesture of excellent will certainly to the people that want that connection."<22>

Mike Shinoda wrote: "One More Light was written through the intention of sending love to those that shed someone. We currently find ourselves on the receiving end. In memorial occasions, art, videos, and images, fans almost everywhere the world have actually gravitated towards this song as their declaration of love and support for the band and also the memory of our dear frifinish, Chester. We are so very grateful and can’t wait to watch you aget."<23>

Phoenix wrote: "This is my favorite video we"ve ever made, and also simultaneously the hardest for me to watch."<24>