Dark Souls 3 has actually plenty the amazing and memorable bosses, yet Vordt that the Boreal Valley is one of the most mysterious and also intriguing.

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one of the many an excellent trademarks the a Dark Souls game is just how it manages to make the football player sad with lore exposition as shortly as they eliminated a specific enemy. There"s a details existential agony attached come learning about someone after ~ the players have beaten them to death-- Dark Souls 3 is no exception and it has a plethora that melancholic bosses.

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One great example that this is the tragedy the Vordt of the Boreal Valley. He actually represents one of the many sought ~ virtues of humanity: loyalty. Except, football player don"t realize this well until after they"ve slaughtered him. Except that, here are 10 various other things about Vordt that players might have missed.

no that there"s any need because that anyone to actually make the fight versus Vordt a lot easier. Still, for those who have actually trouble with him, a Deep battle Axe discovered in the High wall surface of Lothric level deserve to make rapid work that Vordt.

That"s since Vordt is weak versus Dark damage and also the Deep fight Axe has actually this natural infusion. Players can achieve it by killing the Mimic under the High wall Wyvern. It"s also a good early-game weapon to usage in general, not just for Vordt.

Vordt"s name is one of the first couple of things players will notice about him. Its origins were never plainly stated by the developers yet speculation from the community and Dark Souls pundits point to the netherlands word "vorst."

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When translated to English, it way frost, i beg your pardon sounds comparable enough. It likewise describes Vordt"s attunement, and his attacks, which room infused v Frost damage and he has actually an in its entirety icy and snowy aura around him.

speaking of Frost damage, Vordt is among the couple of bosses in Dark Souls 3 to transaction Frostbite versus hapless players. It"s a accumulation status effect comparable to poison but once the meter is full, the will slow-moving down football player significantly.

if Vordt might not be too challenging of a fight because that this mechanic to absent in frequently, it"s quiet something come mind. In addition to Sister Friede and Champion"s Gravetender and Gravetender Greatwolf, Vordt is among the only three bosses v this standing effect.

prior to his ending up being a beast or a four-legged monster, Vordt to be actually one of the loyal and honorable knights the Pontiff Sulyvahn who stays over Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Players execute come face-to-face v upright Outrider Knights in the game.

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Vordt was previously one of those creatures. However, because of his size, one can quickly assume the Vordt is just one of the officers or most likely someone that holds a high rank amongst Pontiff Sulyvahn"s Outrider Knights.

during their leisurely (and murder-ly) stroll in Irithyll the the Boreal Valley, football player will sometimes come across a couple of ghostly images of walking two Outrider Knights. Among them is female and bears an similar appearance to the Dancer of the Boreal Valley.

Hence, it"s simple to assume that the one walking alongside her in that phantom recall is Vordt earlier before the transformed right into a beast. Either the or it could be a typical Outrider Knight but given exactly how both Vordt and also the Dancer prefer to it is in close by to each other, it"s plausible the that apparition is Vordt.

as for how and why Vordt transformed into a hideous and mindless creature, players have actually Pontiff Sulyvahn to blame. The Pontiff, tyrannical as he is, in reality equips his Outrider Knights with his special rings-- in this case, the Pontiff"s Left Eye. This transforms them into slaves and monsters because that the Pontiff where he can likewise see with their sight.

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Players deserve to even achieve the an extremely same ring after killing Vordt and trading his heart to Ludleth. It"s a reasonably decent ring however sadly, that won"t turn the players into a comparable creature that Vordt became.

Emma is just one of the oddest gatekeeper NPCs in Dark Souls 3 since she"s fairly literally surrounding by death and also danger but does no die. In any kind of case, she hold the an essential to the Dancer of the Boreal Valley boss fight and the rest of Lothric Castle.

except that, she likewise addresses Vordt in a rather disrespectful way, introduce to him as a the Pontiff"s dog. If anything the does prove Vordt"s unwavering loyalty to his master especially since he (and every Outrider Knights) voluntarily wore the Pontiff"s ring and accepted the transformation.

If the apparitions in Irithyll the the Boreal Valley space anything to go by, it would certainly seem the both the Dancer and also Vordt are fond of each various other to it is in walking approximately frequently prior to his transformation. Also after that, they"re quiet in near proximity to the other.

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even so, their distinction is night and also day. Vordt took the Pontiff"s "frost" path while the Dancer took the "fire" path-- each signifying a comparison in your fighting styles.

when Vordt go seem come don a much more exaggerated variation of the Outrider knight armor set, it"s quiet not obtainable to the players as a reward because that slaying him. This provides him one outlier among Dark Souls bosses as the tradition was often getting to cosplay as who the players murdered.

many other armored bosses in Dark Souls 3 are no exemption to this tradition. Vordt, on the various other hand, simply doesn"t it seems to be ~ to desire anyone put on his fat and also deformed Outrider items armor.

speaking of Vordt"s armor, apparently, the developers were also collection on providing players his mask or helmet. Sadly, castle did not follow through with it and also removed it from the game prior to it was released.

Players that dig v the video game files, however, will certainly still find that Vordt"s mask is there, buried among the countless cut contents for Dark Souls 3. Thankfully, beating a Dark Souls 3 boss is already their own reward.

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