Play some Rock Lizard soccer over Archdragon Peak or race through a deadly obstacle course in the Undead Settlement.

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When you"re attacked in a Dark Souls game, it"s never specific whether the trespasser is tbelow to kick you off a bridge, market up a helping hand, or judge your outfit. And until currently, playing soccer via a phantom has never been one such possibility. To check out what I expect, you"ll should download and install the Lothric Olympics mod, one of the many superior Dark Souls 3 mods I"ve watched yet—and I"ve viewed Pocket Souls, a mod that turns the game into a grimdark Pokemon.

But what Pocket Souls does for PvE, the Lothric Olympics does for PvP, producing totality brand-new games within Dark Souls 3 quite than adding new cosmetics or tweaking basic variables.

The Lothric Olympics mod description puts it plainly, asking what the Ashen Ones carry out in their spare time. Dark Souls 3 is pretty hard, so I figured they"d kick ago and relax, sip on some craft estus, yet mod creator Wallacetheswifter thinks they"d instead kick about a Rock Lizard in a soccer area suspended over Archdragon Peak or stumble with an elaborate, devious obstacle course in the Undead Settlement.

(Image credit: From Software / Nexus mods user wallacetheswifter)

Rock Lizard soccer is basically Rocket League, but via feet. You"ll should round up at leastern two various other civilization to play, though 5 consisting of yourself are ideal: one to serve as the referee that summons the rock lizard and players while the rest duke it out on the area.

Try to usage your light attack and you"ll kick instead, the action overcreated to make the mode a bit even more easily accessible. Friendly fire is on to discourage players from crowding the lizard, stunlocking one another endlessly with kick after kick. Backstabbing is feasible too, so carry out try to restrain yourself and coordinate through fairly than kill your teammate. The ref deserve to constantly action in and also reset the ball if things acquire out of regulate, and if anyone drops off the area, they"ll respawn at the facility.

(Image credit: From Software / Nexus mods user wallacetheswifter)

Things acquire wilder in the Undead Settlement obstacle course. Think of it like Roadway Rash, yet via feet and a more dangerous Undead Settlement than you"re provided to. It"s not just a basic sprint via the vanilla level—traps and obstacles and also enemies are piled up at every turn. There"s a stretch where your encumbrance is artificially enhanced, slowing you to a crawl while harried by a CPU-regulated phantom and an endmuch less volley of spears tossed by that huge from throughout the means. The young white branch will not conserve you here.

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You"ll need to stop massive corkscrews oscillating in and out of a wall surface ideal over a cliffside, and also stumble with a shack occluded via toxic gas that a Boactual Outrider Knight calls house. I"m partial to the skeleton cage labyrinth close to the end, with peppered via a minefield of perfectly camouflaged skeleton cage adversaries. All this, while your opponents harass you via whatever they"re transporting, be it lighting bolts or expensive hammers. Everyone"s going to exploit the boundless FP buff you get at the beginning gate. Don"t miss out.

To view the Lothric Olympics in activity, check out the video over. You obtain a complete enhance of soccer and the obstacle course, with commentary (subtitles are provided) and also some nice graphics that keep tabs on the score. If you have the right to wrangle up some buds, it looks prefer an excellent excusage to dip back into Dark Souls 3. Before we get to rekindling the First Flame, why not rekindle some friendships by kicking the ol" stoneskin around?

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