Full disclosure: I entered Monday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars totally dreading the one-week-only Switch-Up twist.

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After security the last month cultivating deep connections with their partners, each celebrity would be suitable up v a different agree this week, all but ensuring trivial performances of the mainly 1 variety, right?


In fact, top top the heels ofMonday’s remarkable mirroring — consisting of the very first perfect score that Season 21 — i wouldn’t it is in surprised if the DWTS producer somehow discovered a loophole the kept every one of the contestants with their brand-new partners rather of your old ones. (Even Paula Deen controlled her ideal performance the the season with note Ballas rather of Louis valve Amstel — but if you’ve already blocked the jive from her memory due to the fact that of Paula’s inexplicable have to flash she rear end to the judges, I totally understand.)

Without further ado, let’s malfunction the most memorable performances of the evening, in which nobody was eliminated. Rather, the linked scores from last Monday and this Monday will dictate who goes house on Oct. 19.

BEST of THE NIGHTAlexa PenaVega and pro Derek Hough (Tango) — Though i didn’t quite understand Derek’s an option of music (Bastille’s “Pompeii”) merged with those military-esque costumes, his tango v Alexa to be innovative and intricate enough to earn her the perfect score that has actually eluded herthe last few weeks. The just low allude of Alexa and Derek’s match-up? The insane lot of the shade Ms. PenaVega threw her former partner, mark Ballas. (He was simply beingrealistic!) Judges’ Score: 40/40

BEST that THE NIGHT (RUNNER-UP)Carlos PenaVega and also Lindsay Arnold (Quickstep) — At long last, Carlos ultimately had the breakout moment he therefore desperately required to stop landing in jeopardy again — even though I thought his near-elimination last week was a bunch that bull… well, friend know. Even as he kept pace with Lindsay’s insanely fast choreography, Carlos still regulated to look choose he was having aball on the run floor. Judges’ Score: 39/40

MOST AMBITIOUSTamar Braxton and also Louis valve Amstel (Samba) — i don’t reference Louis for capitalizing top top his lone week through a strongpartner, however I carry out think his massively facility movements may have actually been a little bit too much for the daytime TV personality. What the program really appeared to lack was consistency: when Tamar to be nailing the choreography, she facial expression went completely blank… however to act favor she was enjoying the routine meant lacking a couple of steps follow me the way. Combined with the dreaded first-of-the-night power slot, Tamar and Louis’ samba to be enthusiastic however ultimately forgettable. Judges’ Score: 29/40

SEXIEST ROUTINEAndy Grammer and pro Sharna citizen (Argentine Tango) — As lot as I enjoyed watching Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater giggle and also blush v their obvious attraction to every other, your paint-by-numberrumba couldn’t host a candle come Andy and also Sharna’s sssssteamy Argentine tango.

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Not just did Andy ultimately look comfortable v tricky choreography, yet his commitment come the passionate will-they-won’t-they narrative brought about the night’s many enthralling performance. Judges’ Score: 36/40