— -- YouTube star Bethany Mota to be sent home tonight ~ above the an initial night the the season 19 finale the ABC’s “Dancing v the Stars,” leaving three various other finalists in the to run for the championship.

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The four finalists danced two routines tonight, including the all-important freestyle.

After a very closely contested night, gibbs Alfonso Ribeiro -- who has been a pan favorite this season -- leads the load with a perfect score of 80 for his two dances tonight, followed by reality TV star Sadie Robertson, through 78 points and actress Janel Parrish v 77 points. Mota had 76 points.

There were boos when Mota’s fate was announced, yet she and her agree partner, five-time champion Derek Hough, claimed they to be proud.

“I’ve discovered things about myself that, things I never thought I could do," Mota, 19, said. “I was simply hoping to make it previous week 2 so to it is in in the finals was the finest thing ever.”

Hough, the brothers of “Dancing” referee Julianne Hough, claimed he was proud that his partner and of the show.

“This has actually been an remarkable season,” that said.

The competition began 11 mainly acarolannpeacock.com v 13 rivals -- consisting of actor Antonio Sabato Jr., actress Lea Thompson, talk display host Tavis Smiley and also NASCAR legend Michael Waltrip.

For their first routine, the stars had to redo the routine they go in their first week, under the tutelage of a member that the judges’ panel. The 2nd routine, the freestyle, has normally had tremendous significance in identify the overall winner the the competition.

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The winner that the mirror sphere trophy will certainly be announced throughout the last night that the finale tomorrow.

The an initial Routine

Bethany Mota: The YouTube star reprised her jive, yet a problem with a late-moving prop and a later on fumble supposed judges’ reactions to be tempered. “I’m sad since I saw tremendous development from main one … yet we have actually the mistakes so i hope the you will bring it ago for the following round,” Carrie Ann Inaba said. Bruno Tonioli, who gave Mota pointers during her rehearsal for this routine, told she she was “the right student” and said she did exceptionally well. Head referee Len carolannpeacock.comodman and also judge Julianne Hough both agreed that Mota had improved tremendously due to the fact that her debut top top the show. Mota earned 4 9s because that a full of 36 out of a feasible 40 points.

Sadie Robertson: The “Duck Dynasty” star re-did she week one samba through some needle beforehand indigenous carolannpeacock.comodman and with cameos native her famous family. The program made her father tear up, and also judges were complete of praise. Hough said she love it an ext than she walk the first time, and Tonioli discussed slight flaws in the timing also though he, too, claimed Robertson had soared come “unexpected heights” top top the show. Inaba identified that she didn’t expect to watch Robertson in the finals, but included that the performance confirmed why she made it so far. Carolannpeacock.comodman stated he favored that the routine had actually lots of an easy samba measures paired with exciting choreography. That did suggest out that the Robertson and her partner lost sync for a brief while. Robertson earned 2 10s and two 9s because that a total of 38 points.

Janel Parrish: The actress’ samba earned she 33 points in the an initial week the the competition, but tonight she score higher. Although she to be dancing through a next injury that resulted in her to miss out on several work of rehearsal, Parrish"s samba – v rehearsal tips from Julianne Hough – earned she a was standing ovation indigenous the ballroom audience. Judges, though, saw that her injury appeared to have actually some result on she performance. Tonioli told Parrish that she “lost balance a small bit ~ above the turn, and I know it’s probably since of her injury and it’s together a shame since it was a wonderful, wonderful dance.”

Inaba said Parrish the she to be a “warrior dancer.” carolannpeacock.comodman claimed he didn’t an alert any mistakes on the turns. “What ns did check out what great, rhythmic dancing v a clarity and sharpness come it,” he said. Hough said Parrish must work v her partner through the adversity. “You carolannpeacock.comt this, girl!” Hough said. Parrish, that teared up after her performance, earn a 10 and three 9s because that a full of 37 points.

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Antonio Ribeiro: Inaba assigned Ribeiro the jive, and also the actor, dancing through a ago injury, deserve a continual standing ovation indigenous the ballroom audience and a perfect score native the judges. “It was amazing!” Inaba said. “I nothing know how it was so much much better than the an initial time.” carolannpeacock.comodman told Ribeiro: “You dance like Frank Sinatra sings. He’s easy on the ear. Friend are straightforward on the eyes.” Hough told Ribeiro the there “was not one thing” that he to let go in the routine, and also an enthusiasm Tonioli cheered “Hooray for you!” Ribeiro earned 4 10s, because that 40 points.

Freestyle Routine

Bethany Mota: The YouTube star’s powerful, dramatic freestyle earned she a stand ovation and high praise from the judges. Inaba stated the power was spectacular, and also Hough said Mota “couldn’t have actually done a better job.” Tonioli told Mota that she had the makings that a leader, and carolannpeacock.comodman added: “I carolannpeacock.comt simply what i expected. An excellent lifts. Drama. This is a five-star freestyle!” Mota earned four 10s, for 40 points.

Sadie Robertson: In her freestyle, Robertson’s and her companion played iconic video clip game characters in a distinctive routine that had judges raving. “Game over!” Hough said, adding: “That was the cutest point I have ever before seen.” Tonioli referred to as the routine “refreshing,” telling Robertson’s agree partner, note Ballas, that the regimen was “totally inspired,” and adding: “Watching this, i felt like a child again. I was struggle by tide upon wave of absolute joy. Say thanks to you.” Inaba said the routine was “the most memorable freestyle we’ve viewed in ages,” if carolannpeacock.comodman claimed he would never ever forget the routine. Robertson earned 4 10s because that a total of 40 points.

Janel Parrish: The actress’ modern-day routine earned she glowing reviews from the judges. Tonioli called it “the visualization of a love poem, so moving and deeply feeling … hypnotically beautiful.” Inaba said the program “changed us for a minute,” adding, “to me, the is what being an artist is about.” carolannpeacock.comodman said the routine merged athleticism with artistry, calling that “fantastic.” Hough claimed the regime was “absolutely breathtaking.” Parrish earned four 10s, for a total of 40 points.

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Alfonso Ribeiro: The actor’s freestyle linked snippets from all his front performances, and also incorporated a tap run solo. The routine lugged the residence down, and judges were equally appreciative. “And that’s just how you insanity your way to the top. I’m telling you, this really was (an) in-your-face, undeniable show stopper in the an excellent American way,” Tonioli said. Carolannpeacock.comodman called the power “an all-you-can-eat buffet of good dancing fun,” and Inaba claimed it was “the can be fried in freestyle.” Ribeiro earned four 10s for 40 points.