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Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms proceeds via an all new Tuesday April 19 seakid 6 episode 16 dubbed, “Mack Z vs. Abby Lee,” and we have actually your weekly recap listed below. On tonight’s episode, it’s hip-hop week, however not everyone is invited. Later, Abby provides solos to Brynn and also JoJo.

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On the last episode Abby’s world was shattered when Melissa made an announcement that would certainly change the ALDC forever. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it, we have actually a full and thorough recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “It’s hip-hop week, but not everyone is invited. Later, Abby gives solos to Brynn and also JoJo, but Mackenzie pushes ago when she’s assigned to percreate a safe acrobatic routine rather of a hip-hop dance; and also Abby flees the studio at an important minute.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be an additional drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss out on. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s season 6 episode 16– tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us understand just how excited you are around this brand-new episode of Dance Moms tonight!

Tonight’s episode starts now – Refresh Page regularly to gain the the majority of current updates!

#DanceMoms starts at ALDC LA with Jill talking about exactly how Abby has not been arriving on time. Ashlee says shedding Maddie and also Mackenzie has hit Abby tough. We check out a flashago to the announcement. Jill states Abby won’t admit it, however is mad they’re leaving.

She’s utilizing her #1 student Maddie and also Melissa her best hand. Jill wonders if Abby will certainly lash out at them until they leave. Abby talks about how the group number just got 2nd last week. She says last week they didn’t win at all. Abby states maybe it’s their time.

Abby claims they can do much better. Now pyramid. At the bottom is JoJo because Abby claims she was distracted. Jessa states she did excellent. Then Abby moves her to the optimal and smiles. Jessa was worried when she took it off the wall, she was going to throw it on the floor.

Jessa says Abby knows through Maddie leaving, she requirements JoJo. Brynn is next that didn’t dance last week. Mackenzie is next and Abby states she’s been increasing her for years but she requirements to dig deeper choose in her duet. Next is Nia and also Abby says she saw emotion in the duet.

She states she did an excellent task. Next up is Kendall, Maddie and Kalani. She claims Maddie and Kalani were the substantial winners through their duet. Then Maddie and Kendall came in 2nd and she claims that was an excellent duet number. This weekfinish is Xpressions Dance.

JoJo gets a hip hop solo dubbed Million Dollar Baby. Brynn gets a solo that’s likewise hip hop and also is called Freak. Ashlee states Brynn requirements to show she can do various other than modern and lyrical. The last solo goes to Mackenzie. Abby claims it’s a hoe down gymnastic program.

The moms says she must let her do hip hop as well. Mackenzie whines and also claims she constantly does gymnastics. Abby says then no solo. The moms whine and tell her she just has actually a few weeks left, she should get to do hip hop because she never has before.

Abby is upcollection and also says it was dumb for Mackenzie to press for hip hop when she has things to work-related on with Abby. Then Abby storms out and also slams the door into her office. Gia starts group. Holly claims Abby’s ego is hurt and also is being passive aggressive.

Holly states Abby knows that Mackenzie wants a hip hop solo and that’s why she offered one to everyone but her. The team regimen, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, rehearsal starts. Jessa claims that sounds inspired by Abby’s difficulties including her legal issues and shedding Melissa’s girls.

Jessa tells the other moms that Abby is falling apart and also Kira says she’s doing this to herself. Ashlee claims it’s a shame if Mackenzie doesn’t gain to perform hip hop prior to she leaves. Holly tells Melissa to press for it but Melissa states she’s worn down.

Holly says be worn down after you leave. She states perform what’s ideal and also don’t clear up earlier and permit Abby’s negative habits. Melissa sits and lis10s to every one of this and Jill says she’s appropriate. Melissa then decides to go and also soptimal to Abby given that she thinks Mackenzie is the ideal hiphopper on the team.

Abby slams the door in challenge and provides the boom mic male pull the mic out. Then Abby lowers the window shade and also Melissa claims that womale is crazy and also she’s done. The moms wonder wright here Abby is the next day and also they think she’s hiding in the office.

Jill calls this one of Abby’s tantrums. Guy comes in through Rumer and Olga to work on solos. Ashlee asks Melissa why wouldn’t Abby let her have actually her means after all these years. Melissa claims she has actually no concepts. Ashlee goes to see Abby and asks about the solos.

A producer speaks up and also claims Abby said it was fine and also they deserve to do what they desire. Abby snaps and screams and claims the moms carry out not run her business and also Mackenzie can’t execute hip hop. Abby leaves out the earlier and also the moms go out.

They surround her automobile and also ask her to come earlier in and also complete her task. She honks at them and also drives off. Abby then calls and talks to Holly and also says if you run a studio, you perform what’s good for the studio. She says they tried to overascendancy her and also do what they damn well please.

Abby states she’s going to the beach and also they can perform what they want. We view Abby toasting with a drink later on. Holly tells the moms that she shelp Mackenzie deserve to execute hip hop, she doesn’t treatment because they are trying to take over her studio.

The moms go ago inside and also Gia claims it’s all hip hop solos and claims they are all the exact same age and style of solos so they’ve never done that prior to. They’ll all be head to head. Mackenzie’s solos is Bully while Brynn’s is referred to as Freak and JoJo is Million Dollar Baby.

The moms let them work-related via the hip hop experts. Brynn goes first through hers. Ashlee states Brynn has actually never before done a hip hop solo but was excellent in the Maddy B video. Mackenzie then does her hip hop rehearsal. Melissa says she hregarding win or Abby won’t let her forgain it.

Ashlee claims this is all started to go downhill once Melissa announced she was leaving and Abby resents shedding Maddie. Holly claims Abby is breaking dvery own bereason they pumelted earlier. Ashlee states she wants civilization there to assistance her.

Jill rants and also states they left their various other children and also households to pertained to LA and also says Abby requirements to recognize that. She claims they have complied with her roughly for year. Jill thinks Ashlee requirements to pick a side and also says they’re trying to include her yet she’s siding via Abby.

Jill says Abby has actually 20 federal indictments and they’re still through her. Ashlee claims they’ve well-known Abby long sufficient and also just need to accept her favor it is. Jill claims she puts up via Abby’s crap and also Jessa claims she’s glad Abby left so there’s much less crap.

The moms involved watch the hip hop solo rehearsals. JoJo is initially. Mackenzie says she’s nervous to contend against Brynn and also JoJo in hip hop. Mackenzie goes last but then freaks bereason she doesn’t recognize her regime and tells Melissa she’s going to make a fool of herself.

She leaves and also starts crying and Holly follows her out to talk to her. Mackenzie cries and tells her she’s also stressed best now. Holly claims Abby hasn’t viewed one dance this week but thank heavens for Gianna.

The moms talk about just how they choose that all three are doing hip hop. JoJo rehearses aacquire and Jessa states it’s her favorite and also best genre yet it’s still press her going up against Brynn given that she desires JoJo to be her go-to girl.

Ashlee wonders if Mackenzie feels the push because it might be her last solo there and wonders why Abby isn’t checked in. Abby mirrors up in rollers via a take out cup and also looks glum. Jill thinks she looks foolish.

Abby watches team and provides them numerous notes. She yells at Maddie a lot. Then Abby claims it’s horrendous and also states just take a gun and shoot Gianna’s choreography in the foot. Then Abby claims they need the room for privates and also they have to leave.

Holly says if they lose aacquire this week it will be no one’s fault however Abby.s They arrive to the dance competition to screaming fans and Holly wonders if Abby will show up. They experienced her on the airplane however not on the van. She mirrors up dressed all hip hop.

She chants “moms much better have actually my money” and calls herself Swaggy Lee. Jill thinks she’s making a mockery of the kids’ difficult job-related. Holly asks if she’s motivated by the soloists or making fun of the moms. Abby says she loves hip hop.

Jessa thinks Ashlee has actually dressed Brynn up to look favor JoJo and remarks on it. Jessa thinks JoJo has actually star high quality and Brynn does not. Abby asks that will certainly be the prize fighter in the three hip hop numbers. Abby asks that will certainly win it?

The solos are up initially. The children execute their excellent luck ritual and also JoJo is initially up. JoJo claims Abby knows she was born to be a hip hop star. She takes the phase and Abby cheers for her. It’s a cool boxing regimen. It’s really cool and also Kendall hugs her and also states it was great.

Ashlee thinks it was just okay and also that Brynn will certainly blow her out of the water and really hopes Abby will certainly make her daughter a star. Brynn does Freak and Abby cheers for her when she’s done. Nia tells Mackenzie she’ll execute great however she’s still nervous.

Mackenzie goes last. Melissa hopes she does well and also shows the people how functional she is. Melissa cheers loudly for her. Mackenzie thinks she killed it and wishes for initially location. Holly claims she likes that they had actually hip hop week.

Jessa states it looked choose JoJo danced then danced again. Jill states Brynn isn’t the following Maddie, she’s the next JoJo. Ashlee states Jessa is upset because JoJo wasn’t brought in to be the next Maddie and also Brynn was. Ashlee claims her daughter’s solo had more choreography.

That starts an argument and also Jessa states her child has no character and also Ashlee is stupid. Ashlee is upset that the other moms are sitting their smirking and saying nopoint. Abby comes in and asks what’s the problem. Jill claims Ashlee is upset through Jessa.

Then Jill says Ashlee is a miserable bitch and also demands to learn to take criticism. Ashlee tells Abby that the attacks from Jessa on Brynn are just as well much. Abby asks why she cares and claims let it go. Now it’s time to acquire ready for group.

Abby tells them Maddie is leaving in two weeks and she’s usually the featured performer. She asks that will step up in her area as soon as she’s gone. Kendall states Abby has been watched and says their leader isn’t tbelow teaching them to be a leader.

They take the stage for the group number. It’s really cool. Jill says it was among their favorite team routines they’ve ever before done and also says it was really great. Now it’s awards time. Solos are up initially. JoJo takes fifth area and Jessa just really hopes Brynn doesn’t location over her.

Brynn takes fourth area and also Jessa is annoyed. Mackenzie takes first location and also Melissa is thrilled. She starts crying – she was so worried that she wouldn’t place. Mackenzie states she verified Abby wrong about her and also hip hop.

Now it’s team awards. Jill states their days through Maddie and Mackenzie are numbered and hopes they win this. They take 1st location and also Abby is thrilled. Holly claims the shedding streak is over and the girls deserve to carry out anypoint and also carry out it well and can win.

Abby states the group was excellent and claims she wanted even more body moves in Mackenzie’s number. Jill claims it was hip hop, simply give it to her, she won. Abby says hmmm and walks off. Melissa states they only have two weeks left and she doesn’t know why Abby is being so tough on Mackenzie.

Jill says as soon as Melissa leaves, they have the right to adjust points if they all stick together. Ashlee speaks up and states it was hypoimportant that none of them said anypoint when Jessa went after her child. Holly states Ashlee was placing her boy on a pedestal over everyone else’s.

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Jessa says they’re hypocrites and goes off on Jessa. Then Jessa talks about Brynn being simple and also then Holly cracks a joke about what Jessa was saying and Ashlee states she’s done. The other moms join in laughing as she walks out. Ashlee states she hates Jessa.