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The scene outside the courthouse in the aftermath of the shooting. (Screengrab via NBC Philadelphia)

Two human being were injured as a an outcome of the shooting. Among the victims is a Chester ar sheriff’s deputy, the other is Curtis Smith that later passed away after being shot through a various deputy. The gunfire broke out in the lobby that the complex’s “justice center,” reports everyday Local News editor Andy Hachadorian. The sheriff’s deputy is assumed to be in secure condition. CBS Philadelphia reports that Smith was equipped with a knife and also that that tried to gain access to the courthouse prior to being shot 3 times. He was dressed in all-black and also lunged a deputy while shouting “I’m walking to gain you,” reports Fox Philadelphia.

The instance has to be is now under control, reports alphabet Philadelphia. Roads approximately the courthouse reopened less than an hour ~ the shots rang out. Despite a big police presence and also even a helicopter remained on scene. Chester County ar Attorney thomas Hogan composed on his Facebook page that:

There was an occurrence in the lobby of the Chester county Justice Center. Sheriff’s Deputies neutralized the threat and the area is secure. The Justice facility will be closed to the general public for the remainder of the day. An ext details will follow.

It was Hogan that later confirmed that it to be Curtis blacksmith who had actually been associated in the shooting.

2. In march 2015, Smith to be Accused that Scaling a White home Fence to try and acquire a article to Obama


On in march 4, Smith to be arrested in Washington D.C, accused of make the efforts to obtain into the White residence complex, report the daily Local News. This was throughout a bizarre 24-hour duration when two others were accused that committing very same crime. The Washington short article reported that Smith called authorities that he necessary to pass a message along to president Obama. He was officially charged through unlawful entrance in the case and was represented at the time by martin Rosendorf.

3. His Brother eliminated His father in 2012


Curtis Smith’s brothers Derek. (Handout)

In September 2013, Smith’s brother, Derek, to be sentenced to 15-to-30 years for killing his father, Steve Washington, in West Chester. The West Chester everyday News report at the time Derek smith pleaded guilty to killing his father on President’s work 2012 after ~ an argument. Derek smith told police that he and his dad had acquired along but after drinking a deserve to of beer he became “pumped up” about his partnership with his father. He climate shot his dad twice through a .38 caliber blacksmith & Wesson handgun. He later on expressed remorse for the crime.

4. Blacksmith Didn’t have a Criminal document in Pennsylvania


The daily Local News in West Chester reported the Smith didn’t have actually a criminal document in Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the Smith was a resident of Coatesville, Pennsylvania. A lawyer who represented Smith in residential violence case, Lewis Hannah III, called NBC Philadelphia that Smith “was a truck driver. He worked every day, had a family, a wife, girlfriend know, friend would have never have thought.” Hannah III walk on to describe Smith’s fatality as “really tragic.” Smith was married come a woman called Anna.

5. Smith’s critical Facebook blog post Told the world ‘Shalom’

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Smith’s last visible facebook post.

According come his facebook page, Smith to be a resided in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, however was a aboriginal of Thorndale. He attended high institution in Coatesville. His critical visible Facebook post was a meme with words “Shalom” written throughout it. The writes on his web page that he’s solitary and that “I’m ~ above team divine ghost,” as well as “L.D 4 life can’t read or right but ready come fight v christ.” blacksmith lists the scriptures as his favourite book.