“Life throw challenges, and every difficulty comes with rainbows and also lights to overcome it.” ― Amit Ray

Crystal suncatchers – likewise called rainbow equipments or hanging home window crystals – have actually a method of bringing an ext joy and tranquility right into your home. They likewise make wonderful housewarming gifts. Girlfriend can discover them in essentially every shape and also style to fit your an individual aesthetics and also home décor. Every home should have some extra rainbow machines in addition to its rainbow-making inhabitants.

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On the object of rainbows, below is some rainbow lore…

Rainbow Symbolism and also Spirituality

Isa, among my cats, enjoys some suncatcher energy, while perhaps fine tuning her third eye sensibilities.

Rainbows are among nature’s many beautiful gifts, and not surprisingly, they’ve had symbolic and spiritual meaning in practically every society throughout history.

In vikings mythology, the rainbow serves together a bridge that connects earth with “Asgard,” i beg your pardon is the home of the vikings Gods. To the aboriginal people the Australia, the Creator is a rainbow snake. And also in Judeo-Christian stories, the rainbow symbolizes god’s promise, dating earlier to the time of Noah’s Ark, when God promised the that the world wouldn’t be damaged by another flood. And also in Buddhism, the rainbow represents the greatest state the consciousness before achieving Nirvana.

The Rainbow Chakra Connection

The seven Chakras are an essential energy centers in our body with which ours life force flows.

In Hindu, Buddhist, and new Age philosophies, the seven chakras, which stand for the energy systems in the body, match the color of the rainbow. Simply as “white” sunlight rays fight raindrops and bend in different angles, developing the colour of the rainbow, the concept behind chakra balancing or chakra tuning – occasionally referred to as “rainbow healing” – is that it enables the irradiate from a greater power to go into us, ton our chakras, and heal us.

But also if you don’t take into consideration yourself a spiritual person, and you just appreciate the scientific research of how rainbows occur, in all likelihood – you’re willing to recognize that rainbows room beautiful and that they do you feeling good.

While the extraordinariness of rainbows in the sky makes them every the much more special to us (even if you’re lucky sufficient to live in the southern Pacific, whereby they deserve to be fairly plentiful), the still funny to gain some extra rainbow energy into your home by putting crystal suncatchers, or rainbow makers, in your windows. Right here is a an option of some of my favorites.

Swarovski decision Suncatchers

I’m starting this list v Swarovski crystal suncatchers since I’d favor to offer a shout out to Swarovski AG, the firm that makes this beautiful crystal. You’ll watch a variety of suncatchers throughout this write-up that use Swarovski crystal.

Swarovski is a family-owned company based in Austria. Firm founder Daniel Swarovski to be born in northern Bohemia in 1862 and was the boy of a glasscutter. He patented an electrical cutting maker that facilitated the production of crystal glass. Swarovski crystals space manmade, but utilize quartz, sand, and also minerals. The precise proportion the these aspects in the final crystal product is a firm secret.

Swarovski decision is special due to the fact that it has the beauty and also sparkle that a valuable gemstone, but it’s created by a company that to trust in maintaining ethical social and also environmental standards. Daniel Swarovski is quoted together saying, “Supporting social and environmental jobs is the responsibility of any type of responsible company.”

Sparkles with great Karma

Awareness has grown in recent years about the tolls that the precious gemstone profession of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and others takes on workers that mine them and also the environment. You’ve probably heard the ax “blood diamonds,” which refers to human being suffering in the gemstone supply chain. (The film Blood Diamond, starring Leo DiCaprio Djimon Hounsou, is a great movie that’s set amidst this issue.) While over there are organizations that space trying come build an ext accountability into this industry, we are still a means off from ubiquitous fair trade and environmental sustainability certifications in the priceless gemstone industry.

This is why I’m a fan of Swarovski crystal. While quartz, like valuable gemstones, is a non-renewable resource, the is also one that the most frequently found mineral in the Earth’s crust. Thus, I’m happy to watch that few of the artisans producing the rainbow makers presented here use recycled Swarovski crystals.

1. Serco design Swarovski decision Suncatchers

Serco Designs creates beautiful hanging home window crystals in a variety of shapes. This oval-shaped suncatcher is large, over 2 inches, and also hangs on a strand the aquamarine-colored irradiate Azore crystals adorned v Swarovski decision cubes.


Pendant: 1.5” wideHanging size with pendant: 13.5”

Price: ~$27.00 – $44.00

2. Aurora Borealis decision Suncatchers by Serco Designs

This rainbow devices utilizes “Aurora Borealis” Swarovski crystals. Called for the north Lights, these crystals are highly iridescent and known for their extreme shimmer even in short lighting.


Pendant: 3” longHanging size with pendant: 14”

Price: ~$27.00 $31.00

Crystal round Sun Catchers

3. DIY decision Ball window Crystals

If you choose to produce your own window suncatchers, or you have a an imaginative friend that likes these varieties of projects, there’s a wide selection of crystal ball shaped rainbow devices in different sizes top top Amazon.

Price: $8.00 – $16.68

4. Colored Crystal ball Sun Catchers

Crystal ball sun catchers additionally come in a selection of sizes and also in a rainbow the colors: red, yellow, green, blue, aquamarine, purple, pink, and clear.
Price: ~$9.99 – $29.00

5. Tree the Life Hanging Crystals


Guaranteed come make tons of rainbows, this Tree of Life chandelier-style suncatcher has seven crystal balls plus little glass beads. From the optimal of the string come the bottom, measures around 18″.

Price: ~$10.00

Angel Suncatchers

Angel suncatchers are a popular style, no doubt to lug that extra bit of positive energy into her home!

6. Bodhi creations Crystal angel Suncatchers

Bodhi creations makes a variety of crystal suncatcher angels, and other designs, the will add some beautiful extra shimmer as sunlight pours v your window.

Price: ~$9.99

7. Crystal Guardian point of view by woodstock Chimes

This Guardian angel rainbow maker reflects the seven colors the the rainbow and the 7 chakras. In addition to do beautiful suncatchers, creator wooden storm Chimes is recognized for their wind chimes.


Angel: 2”Hanging length: 7.5”

Price: ~$34.34

Starburst Rainbow machines

Sunburst suncatchers are an additional popular style and they have exceptional rainbow-making power!

8. Purple, Blue, and Green Swarovski decision Starburst

The color combination in this decision cluster provides it a standout and the perfect accessory for her window. Heartstrings by Morgan also makes a sunburst cluster that has all 7 colors that the rainbow, and other shade combinations. Be sure to examine out her store on Etsy to see more.

Hanging length: 9”

Price: ~$30.00

9. Star Swarovski decision Prism with Rainbow machine Beads

This glowing star sun catcher is 100% actual Swarovski crystals, and also the star ornament is make of one Aurora Borealis crystal prisms.


Hanging length: 10”

Price: ~$23.85

Window Crystals in unique Shapes

Looking for a rainbow machine that’s a small different from the classic suncatcher? inspect these out!

10. Geometric window Prisms

If you choose a more modern look, these linear window prisms fit the bill. They’re roughly 6″ tall.

Price: ~$10.00 – $22.99

11. Teardrop home window Crystals


Teardrop-shaped home window crystals market a look girlfriend don’t see as often. Some come v iridescent hues while rather a scalloped.

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Price: ~$6.48 – $48.00

12. Decision Pineapple Suncatchers

A prize of generosity and hospitality, the pineapple provides the perfect adornment for her home and a perfect housewarming gift. Countless of these crystal pineapple suncatchers room made with Swarovski crystal balls, v clustered decision leaves.

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Price: ~$11.99 – $40.00

13. Lotus Crystals


Lovely on a clear windowsill or desk, these lotus flower crystals make perfect gifts for friends or household members (or even yourself!) who room working on an individual transformation.