While we’re not fairly ready to put our sweaters, coats, and also snow boots, right into storage just yet, we deserve to still begin daydreaming around shopping because that our favorite feather outfits. We’ve gained our eyes on a pairing the we’ve checked out a variety of times ~ above celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Mara, and also Selena Gomez: the T-shirt crop top and also pencil skirt. This go to display that the easy-to-do outfit combo is in reality super flattering for all shapes and sizes. And also the pencil skirt usually sits high on your waist, so you don’t have actually to problem about beginning a steady schedule of abdominal work. (Phew!) whether you’re looking come wear this look during the day or for a unique evening (Valentine’s day is just about the corner), we show you the various ways on how come wear it:

1. Dress it up v heels.

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 This look at is basically, well, two basics put together. Therefore that method it deserve to go the casual course pretty quickly. Pairing your crop top and also pencil skirt with a pair that neutral-colored heels, favor Kim Kardashian‘s nude strappy heels, will save your outfit classy without looking choose you’re ready to hit da club. (Yup, da club.)


Get the look: BLK DNM T-Shirt 38 ($75); J.Crew No. 2 Pencil dress in Double-Wool Serge structure ($130); Sam Edelman Erin Crisscross Sandals ($130)

2. Beat with cloth or prints through your pencil skirt. Another reason why we want to wear this outfit through spring is due to the fact that T-shirts are just so darn comfy. But if you’re looking to take this look right into the evening, make a statement with your pencil skirt. Kate Mara dons a head-to-toe lace look yet we choose to store the top in a good ol’ jersey knit. Then, you deserve to wear her lace skirt with a blouse or sweater next time. Ta-da! You got yourself at least two new outfits ideas.


Get the look: Boxy chop Tee through Boutique ($64); Nina Ricci Broderie Anglaise Pencil skirt ($896.72); Kate Spade brand-new York Licorice Pumps ($328)

3. Keep a balance between what you cover up and reveal. Have you fallen because that a long-sleeve chop top instead? That’ll still perform the trick! To avoid looking strange proportioned v modesty, take a pointer from Selena Gomez and show simply a note of skin with a high-slit pencil skirt. It’s all about balance. If you were to undertake a mini-skirt through this look, it would certainly still look means too revealing. Choose Mily Cyrus-level revealing. And we don’t desire that.

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Get the look: Dorothy Perkins black Cropped height ($21, down from $35); DSquared2 Cut-Out Pencil dress ($186.26); Steve Madden Deceptve Heels ($129.95)

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