Criminal Minds Season 13 illustration 19, “Ex Parte” gives us a very personal hostage situation—and a instance that keeps friend on the sheet of her seat because that an hour straight.

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If there’s anything to be said about the unsubs in this episode, it’s that are part of a tiny handful of world who make Linda Barnes look favor a saint in comparison. Well, and that castle are, unfortunately, figures who have become very familiar together of late.


The good news is the these desperate murderous racists play practically as lot of a duty in their own downfall as our team.

The bad news is what they put everyone with until then.

Given this show’s monitor record once it pertains to female love interests, ns am very thankful the Kristy was at least spared. ~ Haley, after Maeve, i don’t always trust exactly how the females in the life that main characters will fare.


Still, the two murders of chaste employees us did watch were brutal, to say the least. One woman killed after heroically calling out her captor—I expect the various other hostages psychic what she did– and also another liked at random, dragged away, and also shot.

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We don’t check out the murders take place on screen, however that doesn’t assist much. Having their body be delivered to authorities on one elevator is many gruesome enough.

It’s complicated to carry out an episode that keeps friend in a state of stress from begin to finish, yet we absolutely get the here. The hour would certainly be intense also without a loved among a team member captured in the middle, yet that ratchets it increase to one more level.


And speak of Kristy, she’s just wonderful under pressure. No much less terrified than anyone about her, she still has actually the visibility to take action, also that backfires later on.

We do have to stretch the believable a little in the team controlling to conserve her at the last possible second through words that somehow both aggravate and disarm among the hostage takers. Yet how an excellent is she at transferring those words?

I am very glad the Matt and Kristy talked about her needing extr support after an incident like this. Hopefully, that goes best alongside her. Ns hearing mixed sentiments around Kristy staying clear of him indigenous killing she attacker, however hey, it’ll conserve some paperwork.

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Of course, the record we’ve watched of accurately keeping PTSD is nearly as an excellent as the of protecting woman love interests, therefore we most likely won’t check out it ~ above screen. In ~ least, i don’t view there being time in these final few episodes that the season.

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A couple of other notes:

Rossi no batting an eye in the challenge of the command racist scumbag is exorbitant to watch. Goodbye, Larry. You won’t be missed.It smooths the end eventually, but does the hostage takers’ dialogue at the begin of the episode seem pains cliché to anyone else? us do discover pretty conveniently that castle nowhere close to as experienced as they think, though, so probably that provides sense.The twist through the 2 security police officers being left alive is small, however well-executed. 

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