As the former 'Melrose Place' resident return to a post-Charlie Sheen 'Two and also a half Men,' blacksmith dishes on whether she felt pressured to acquire Botox at first plus just how her outlook top top diet and also fitness has changed since she 'Ally McBeal' days.

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Courtney Thorne-Smith is no stranger to the demands of Hollywood. At 19, she starred in her an initial movie, Lucas, alongside Charlie Sheen, and also has since made i can not forget appearances in the tv hits Melrose Place, Ally McBeal, and also All around Jim.

Now together Smith, 43, returns to primetime to reprise her duty as Lyndsey, a love interest for Jon Cryer’s Alan Harper on Two and a half Men, she shares part refreshingly moral thoughts around her diet, fitness habits, and also looks.

Unlike plenty of 30- and also 40-something actresses, Thorne-Smith shamelessly admits she has actually been using Botox on regular basis for the last ten years. “I don’t think I ever before really believed it was a secret,” she shares. “If who asks me in my personal life, ns tell them all about it.”

As a brand ambassador because that Botox, Thorne-Smith is sharing she experiences on a nationwide stage, consisting of whether she feeling pressured right into using the wrinkle-smoothing treatment and also how she feels that a part of her healthy lifestyle.

Everyday Health: What make you desire to shot Botox at first?

Courtney Thorne-Smith: as soon as I was in my mid-thirties, I had lines between my eyes that were bothering me and that ns felt self-conscious about. Therefore I visited my dermatologist, that I really trust, and also voiced every my concerns. I was nervous around the ache and around how it would look. And he simply said, ‘Look, just try it. And also if girlfriend don’t prefer it, you don’t need to come back.’ but there ns was 4 months later for my next go-around!

EH: being in the spotlight, did girlfriend feel any kind of pressure come look younger?

CTS: No, not at all. This to be a totally personal decision. Obviously as soon as I to be pregnant and breastfeeding my boy i didn’t usage it. And I was working throughout that time and also no one ever before said anything.

I was just distracted around those lines, and so Botox was a means to take that worry away. I take treatment of mine skin and my health, so, because that me, this was simply an extension of that.

EH: speak of which, you’re in great shape together a 40-something mom. What’s her secret?

CTS: i have been complying with the Atkins diet for about 10 years now, and, for me, that works. Once I started eating low-carb it to be such a boon because that me. I had actually been trying every one of these various diets and nothing was working.

Then I uncovered I can eat fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and also not a the majority of starchy foods, i beg your pardon didn’t do me feel great anyway, and also I felt great and mine weight has actually been consistent.

EH: but come on, nothing you just get a hankering because that a cookie or sweet act every now and also then?

CTS: that course! that not favor I can’t have actually a item of cake in ~ my son’s birthday or something, yet I don’t do that every day. And also because i eat well many of the time, I deserve to afford a treat and also it doesn’t litter me off-kilter.

EH: In the past, did you do it talked about how you to be a compulsive exerciser. Just how do you technique fitness now?

CTS: It’s yes, really moderate. Ns walk about 40 minute on the treadmill with an incline. If yes sir no treadmill, climate I’ll take it a walk. Climate I execute either yoga or a 15-minute Pilates regime that I have the right to do top top the floor.

I practice to feel an excellent and to ton up. I’m not trying come atone for something poor I’ve eaten, and that renders it a lot easier.

EH: You’ve reverted as a guest star ~ above Two and a half Men; what to be the experience like without Charlie Sheen?

CTS: the was funny last season, and I think the was difficult for people to think that because of what lock heard around Charlie. However he was lovely and charming and also funny — and obviously extraordinarily talented.

And Ashton is lovely and also charming and also extraordinarily talented. Therefore the set felt great then, and also it feels an excellent now.

EH: therefore no craziness ~ above set? i guess that bodes well due to the fact that you’re a functioning mom?

CTS: v sitcoms, friend go, girlfriend rehearse, and also then you go home. So three days a week, I’m residence by 3 p.m. That means I acquire to be a mom many of the time.

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But that feels good to remember that part of me. I’ve been a expert actor for nearly 27 years now, therefore it’s pretty to work-related that muscle again.