16 and also Pregnant: What Courtney Ames, Scott Snody & Child Are Up To Courtney and also Scott"s partnership was displayed on 16 and also Pregnant. Due to the fact that the fact show, the couple has evolved in their partnership.

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Courtney Ames from 16 and Pregnant struggled in the time of her episode, yet she, Scott Snody, and also their child are growing after season five. Their tough chapter was showcased by MTV in 2014. Courtney was presented to the people as a 17-year-old high school senior from Woodland Park, Ohio. She was pregnant via her boyfriend Scott"s baby. Since starring on 16 and also Pregnant, Courtney and also Scott have weathered many storms and come out more powerful.

16 and Pregnant is a series that"s recognized for its dramatic storylines, and also Courtney"s pregnancy with Scott"s boy was filcaused the brim through unforgettable moments. The primary bone of contention for the couple in the time of their teenage pregnancy was Courtney"s decision to exercise abstinence until marital relationship. While she did have actually an early-life pregnancy, Courtney felt it was important to follow strict guidelines that aligned via her confidence. Unfortunately, Courtney"s decision to abstain from sex frustrated Scott. The couple"s relationship became visibly strained. Furthermore, Courtney was worried that her baby would certainly be born via a cleft lip, as she had actually been. The 16 and also Pregnant alum mutual that she was born through a cleft lip and also cleft palate. Those problems were corrected, but years of surgical treatment were necessary. Courtney"s fears were confirmed when a sonogram revealed that her son had similar problems.

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While preparing for the baby, Courtney and Scott skilled the kind of relationship drama that is prevalent to show alumni. such as Maci Bookout (who"s been slammed for putting her 11-year-old on a strict diet). In an effort to produce a much more typical household household for their incoming baby, Courtney relocated in with Scott. Determined to remain abstinent until she"s married, Courtney refsupplied to share a bed through Scott. The 2 slept in separate bedrooms, which even more strained their partnership. On December 15, 2013, Courtney gave birth to her child Dayton Cash. He was born healthy and balanced, with a cleft lip that can be repaired during a solitary procedure. Following the birth of Dayton, Courtney and also Scott"s relationship showed up unstable. The 2 squabbled over family members chores and also Courtney"s commitment to abstinence.

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Due to the fact that MTV left Courtney and Scott in 2014, the couple has actually come a long way. After wrapping the fact series, the parental fees separation. However before, they rekindled their partnership and also married in 2017. Throughout the same year that fellow 16 and Pregnant Star Aleah LeBeouf became pregnant via her second boy, Courtney and Scott announced that they were expecting an additional baby. The now-married couple welcomed their second kid Porter Cove on October 20, 2017. Because welcoming their second boy, Courtney and also Scott have remained out of the headlines and also ameans from social media. As for Dayton, the 7-year-old has actually successfully undertaken an operation to correct his cleft lip.

At the finish of the day, Courtney and also Scott"s connection woes turned out to be nothing even more than hurdles in what would certainly become their decade-long marathon of a partnership. They overcame teen parenthood, sex-related frustration, and also clinical pertains to. Now, the parental fees stand also together, stronger than ever before. Courtney and also Scott are 16 and Pregnant alums who"ve proved that life can get much better after high school