It"s a shame the on the work we uncovered out NBC canceled the supervisory board of Dads, the finest episode yet airs.

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It"s a bittersweet feeling.

On Council the Dads Season 1 episode 9, the Perrys dealt with a hurricane aiming appropriate for castle in Savannah.


The storm as a plot machine provides moments for the personalities finally to attend to things that have actually been wait to be said.

First, Sage called Oliver about her diagnosis.

Not just was she stuck to him throughout a hurricane, but she"s likewise going right into labor. There"s no time to store it from him. 

J. August Richards" portrayal of Oliver in ~ that moment is worthy of one award. So many different feelings were expressed in his face expressions and also with his distribution of the line the Oliver"s not going anywhere.


He"s want the infant for for this reason long, and there"s nothing that might ever change his mind about adopting him. Us all knew that, and now Sage finally does, too.

I really liked that Sage and Oliver were on opposite sides of a wall surface during that moment. Sage would"ve never been able come tell him to his face. It was a an excellent way for united state feel the divide between the two characters. 

It"s not you, it"s me.


Sage has only well-known Oliver for a short time. It"s entirely reasonable the she would be worried he wouldn"t want to go with with the adoption once he found out about her condition. 

But as soon as Oliver got to for Sage"s hand behind him, we knew that would never ever even take into consideration that. All he cares around is his family, and it"s a true testimony to his character that even at the moment, his an initial instinct was to comfort Sage rather of figuring out just how he"s feeling.

He"s a good guy.


I guess we"ll see how an excellent he is at other things, prefer delivering a baby in the finale, due to the fact that Robin could not do it ago in time.

It was an extremely cathartic to view Robin and Theo have the conversation they"ve been structure up to every season. 

Robin"s been frustrated v Theo for acting out this previous year, when Theo"s been emotion that she doesn"t also care about him. But, she"s frustrated because she cares about him. 

We knew the these 2 didn"t have the strongest connection on the show, however it"s heartbreaking to check out how breakable it feeling on Theo"s side.

Robin"s to be trying her ideal to be over there for everyone in the wake up of Scott"s death that she missed what was right under her nose. Theo"s been struggling because that a lengthy time. 


This life-or-death situation was the perfect method to force them to show how lot they care about one one more so they have the right to fix their relationship. Robin drove with a closed-off area throughout a hurricane come make sure Theo was okay. 

And thank God she did! Theo would"ve drown if she didn"t come because that him. 

i am in awe that you.


I don"t blame him for going ago to the house, also if it was reckless, because I wouldn"t be able to leave my dog behind either. But, thefts his mom"s car and also making his brothers lie to execute it? Yikes.

Then again, Robin most likely wouldn"t have actually let him go if he asked she beforehand. It"s still insane come me that they left the house without the dog in the an initial place, but everything settled okay in the end. 


They obtained to have actually their large mother and son moment, and it seems like they"ll be able to get back to safety and security after all.

Anthony is the last person Robin wants to see appropriate now, yet at this moment, he"s a godsend.

Who knows exactly how he acquired there throughout a hurricane, yet he confirmed up as soon as he was necessary most. 

That seems to it is in the central theme of the supervisory board of Dads. Mirroring up, even when the going gets tough. Particularly then.

But, periodically that"s no enough. 

Larry"s arriving for his daughter now, yet he"s as well late.

He desires so desperately to it is in in his daughter"s life and to do amends for the pains he"s caused, but he can"t. 

Sarah doesn"t desire to be roughly him. 

Her life has been far better without the in it, and as hard as that had to be to hear. Hopefully, it"ll offer Larry enough motivation to move on.

He"s welcomed what he"s done and tried all he can to deal with it, yet the finest thing is because that him to respect her an option and move forward. 

It"s a crushing blow, particularly after finally being dubbed grandpa by Ivy, but it had to happen.

It"s a little random that sarah is so willing to open up up to Luly, yet it can be chalked as much as holding in the truth for way too long. She loved she dad an extremely much, yet that doesn"t typical she needs to be around him now. 

And if he keeps showing up and also trying to be associated in her life, it"ll just make things worse. 

Family is the most necessary thing in the world, but unfortunately, us only have actually one more episode through this one. 

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Were friend surprised Anthony came to the rescue?

Do girlfriend agree through Sarah"s decision?

What do you think is going to occur with Luly"s letter?

What execute you hope gets tied increase in the finale?

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Let us know what friend think in the comment below! 

And tell us just how you"re feeling around the cancellation!

Will you miss out on the Perrys?

Don"t forget that you can watch the supervisory board of Dads online here in ~ TV Fanatic.

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