It is one equation:here is the evidence :The crucial to this one is that sec^2(x) = 1 + tan^2(x). So the left side is cot(x) (1 + tan^2(x)) (1 + tan^2(x)) Expanding this term by term you get cot(x) + 2 cot(x) tan^2(x) + cot(x) tan^4(x), but due to the fact that cot(x) tan(x) = 1, that transforms into cot(x) + 2 tan(x) + tan^3(x), which is the same as the right side.

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The correct is:

An equation.


An equation is a statement that is true for particular values the the variable. One identity, however, is a statement that is true because that any values of the variable.

If we usage 60° as x, the left hand side of the equation gives us -1.15. The best hand side gives us 4.04. These room not equal, so this cannot be one identity.

Yes due to the fact that if you adjust them to the same denominator 5/12 would still be 5/12 and also 1/6 would be 2/12 so correctly 5/12 is higher than 1/6

Write an absolute value equation to salsify the offered solution set shown on a number heat -1/2 1/2 a Plz help me

The absolute worth equation is |x| =


Step-by-step explanation:

The standard type of absolute value equation is |x-a| =b

Where "b" is street from midpoint to among the end point.

"a" is midpoint.

Here we need to write absolute value equation because that the systems -


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The midpoint of -

is 0. Since

The street from 0 to


The absolute value equation is

|x-0 | =


We have the right to simplify it as

|x| =



In stimulate to gain A"B"C" from abc we need to do two steps,

they are

1- very first we must rotate the triangle roughly its very own vertex C (-1 , 3)

2- Then relocating the triangle 4 units downwards we will acquire the desired triangle.

After act the very first step the new co-ordinates that A,B,C will be,

(-2 , 4),(2 , 1) and also (-1 , 3)

Then moving the triangle 4 systems downward (i.e individually from y co-ordinate as we are moving in -ve y direction), the co-ordinates will be,