Photo by proper way to message women she dating who reach out to you first, to avoid terrible texting turnoffs, so you can collection your next date.

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In this video coaching newsletter, I talk about a disastrous train wreck of date texting in between a masculine viewer that shares what he texted, in response to a mrs he was date who got to out come him first when she want to view him. Rather of gift charming and also playful and setup the next date when she reached out, he was arrogant, condescending and also mean, which led to her text massage him the he should delete her number. It’s apparent he to be acting like an angry cavern man, instead of a charming and playful James Bond.

I discuss his texting exchange with her, whereby he go wrong and what he have to do in different ways going forward. That a missed opportunity, unnecessary self-sabotage, however a finding out opportunity to get far better that everyone deserve to learn from. My comments space in bold italics favor this listed below in the body of his email.

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Hi Coach,

I just wanted to email you with an update around my situation. Ns stuck to mine guns and also didn’t reach the end to her at all. Last night she reached out come me asking if I want to cave out. I already had my very own plans because that the night, but was wanting to view her. But I remembered your book and also realized just how weak I would look if ns canceled mine plans as well see she tonight,

Yeah, if you currently have plans, think about it. The only reason you would want to cancel her plans would be if you to be like, “Oh mine god, ns don’t desire to lose this possibility to check out her.” Don’t do that. It is a scarcity mindset.



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Remember, world will act repeatedly with how they view themselves to be, whether the view is precise or not. If you value yourself, friend love yourself, you understand you’re a catch, you understand you’re awesome, that a gift to invest time through you and also vice versa, climate you’ll take your time. Plus, you desire to it is in a man, or a woman, of your word. In other words, once you to speak what girlfriend mean, you median what you say. It’s not cool to blow her friends and also your family off due to the fact that some girl called you,

so I referred to as her and also asked if she to be coming, and also she said, “I nothing know. Girlfriend sound liven already, and I know how you favor to have plans in advance.”

You don’t contact your dentist or your doctor saying, “Yeah, I’ll watch if I can swing by on Thursday.” They have a set number of appointments. If you desire to watch them, you far better make an appointment.

I responded v “I do have actually plans already, deserve to we reschedule?”

I wouldn’t say reschedule. Ns would just say, “I’ve acquired plans tonight, yet I’d really love to watch you. What’s her schedule choose this week? when are you totally free to obtain together?” Something follow me those present is just how you desire to respond, because when friend ask one open ended question prefer that, it pressures her to give you she schedule, once she’s open. And also then you choose a day and also a time once you’re easily accessible as well and make the date. The idea is to do the appointment. It’s like a sales appointment. Instead of selling a product or service, you’re marketing you. And you just sell yourself in person.

Her, “How come we just hang out once you want to and not as soon as I do?

That statement appropriate there speak me this girl is a small insecure. And also the more she likes you, the an ext she’s walk to get upset and also butt hurt. Remember, prefer attracts like, and wherever you space emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically exactly how you view yourself, you’re going to attract world that space vibing on the exact same level. So if she still type of insecure, you’re walk to often tend to tempt members of the opposite sex that are insecure as well.

And no, I have plans because that tomorrow. It’s Fathers Day.” So ns said, “Okay. Well, I’ll speak to later in the week so us can satisfy up.”



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That was a missed opportunity dude. Make a fucking date. She’s getting to out, she desires to check out you, so do a plan. Nothing say, I’ll call you later on in the week.

This did not go well. She gained upset and also said, “Forget it. You’re too busy to view me. Go hang out v your friend.” My friend is a girl i accidentally said her i was talking to once I drunk-called she once,

Come on man. If girlfriend can’t handle drinking, you shouldn’t drink. That’s among the worst points you can do, acquire yourself right into trouble and also you nothing remember what girlfriend said. When you an initial start dating, you deserve to only crap up prefer that so plenty of times before she blows girlfriend off,

so i ignored her comment and told her, “I’ll contact you later on this week, okay?” come which she hung up and also sent that text to me.

My question is, should I with out like I claimed I would,

Well, if you told she you to be going to with out, you need to do it. You must be a guy of her word,

or provide her a week to wonder around me?

It’s not about playing games or jerking she around. The idea is to be repeatedly masculine, alpha, it is in direct, be decisive, get right to the point. And also you were type of favor a floppy cock. You were everywhere the ice, leaving shit increase in the air.

If you were calling to look at cars, they’re walk to want to recognize what day and time you deserve to come by. Any type of salesman knows, they’ve only acquired a certain number of hours in the day to offer people, and talking to tires kickers is going come waste their time.

Text Exchange:

Her: “Hey execute you desire to hang the end tonight?”

My response to that would be, “I would love to view you tonight, but I’ve currently got plans. What’s your schedule favor this week? once are you available.” That’s being direct, gift decisive and you’re mirroring her you’re thankful she got to out.


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Him: “If you pick me up.”

Her: “Lol, from her place?”

Him: “Yeah what time would you be right here by?”

Her: “10:00?”

Him: “Okay”

Her: “I average if you want. You don’t have to.”

She’s testing. “Does this guy really prefer me? Does that really desire to watch me? Does he care?” that’s why she responds that way. She’s a small unsure of wherein she stands. Remember, it’s a scientific truth that women are more attracted to guys whose feelings room unclear. The proper solution would be, “Of course I desire to check out you.”

Him: “Smh lol approximately you. I wouldn’t mind seeing you, yet if you want to take earlier the offer, it is fine together well.”

Now you’re putting the ball back in she court and also expecting she to do the decision. You’re the one v the prick dude. You’re claimed to be the strength, the rock, the mountain. You’re an alleged to it is in the man. Be direct, it is in decisive, obtain right to the point. However you’re dumping it earlier in her court going, it s okay tell me what come do. Then you’re presupposing, “She doesn’t really want to see me.” You need to read my book 10–15 times. You’ve gained to find out the fundamentals. This is a completely unnecessary fuckup.

Him: “How about tomorrow.”

Her: “I wasn’t taking ago my offer, you just seemed busy. Forget it, you have the right to delete me now.”

Just say, “Don’t it is in ridiculous. I’d love to check out you tomorrow. What time room you available?” her outcome is to do the fucking date. You’ve gained to action up her game.

Him: “I to be willing come cancel my plans for us to hang out tonight. Climate you stated if you want to, which made girlfriend sound unsure. I’m no going come argue v you. You have a an excellent night.”

That’s feminine energy dude. You’re supposed to be the man. You’re claimed to be direct, decisive and totally certain, no act favor a woman. And also now you’ve walked away, therefore you should be congruent through that statement.

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This girl likes you. She obviously a small insecure, but now yes a great chance you’re no going to get the possibility to progress, because you were a penis to her. If she will out, do the date, be direct, it is in decisive and get best to the fucking point.

Thank friend coach!


“It’s a pleasant surprise, compliment come you, gift and also an honor when a woman you space dating reaches the end to you first. You should constantly be charming and also playful and assume she is thinking about you and wants to watch you. Therefore, your outcome must be to collection the next date to obtain together. The an ext a male talks and texts with a mrs he simply started dating, instead of just making dates when she reaches the end to the first, the greater the likelihood is that he will certainly talk her best out that liking him, by saying or text massage something stupid, or worse, become her therapist and get stuck in friend zone. The much more you talk and text digitally, the less time you will spend with her in person having fun, acquiring to recognize each other, hooking up and also growing her attraction for you.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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