For every of the following instances (a, b), the direction in i beg your pardon the equilibrium move is:

(a) Temperature is decreased.

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(b) push is increased by adding N2 at continuous T.

1) (a) in the direction of reactant, (b) towards product

2) (a) in the direction of reactant, (b) no change

3) (a) in the direction of product, (b) in the direction of reactant

4) (a) in the direction of product, (b) no change

Solution: (2)


(a) Temperature decreases indicates Backward transition as that is endothermic reaction

(b) together ‘N2’ will not react v both N2O4 & NO2, together moles boosts in reactants, as much as in products, a = thus there is no change in equilibrium.

Therefore no change.

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