So, now for the initially time i set up XAMPP/LAMPP on Ubuntu 15.10. Apache server is working fine, but once i try to go to "localhost/phpmyadmin" I obtain the adhering to error:

And believe me i searched via totality internet, stack overflow, apache friends, etc. and namong given services worked for me... So this is my file:

So you have the right to watch that my user = root and also password is empty. But it simply doesn"t work, i tried to readjust user/pass, tried to adjust controluser and also controlpass, yet nothing seems to job-related. Do you have any kind of principle on just how i have the right to deal with this problem?



reinstall phpmyadmin and try


superform dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin

if that does not occupational then tryCode:

superform apt-acquire --purge remove phpmyadmin

then reinstall, if that does not work-related I"m willing to bet it does not matter and also doCode:

suexecute ln -s /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf

and restart apacheCode:

##sucarry out /etc/init.d/apache reloadsuperform service apache2 reload



According to the you"ve posted, your root user password is 1234 (as I watch in the line $cfg<"Servers"><$i><"password"> ="1234";), however later on in the file once you"re defining the controluser, you use a empty password.

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I imply setting up an actual controluser via fewer permissions than root has actually, yet the quick settle would certainly be to edit and also make this change: $cfg<"Servers"><$i><"controlpass"> = "1234";

To develop a controluser account, usage an SQL command also comparable to this:

"localhost" IDENTIFIED BY "pmapass";substituting the name of your phpMyAdmin configuration storage database (more than likely "phpmyadmin") for and also a tradition password for pmapass.


Start by commenting out the controluser and also controlpass lines in Then you"ll have the ability to log in through root, and also usage the Privileges or User accounts food selection to add this pma user. It"s described in the documentation.


$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"user"> = "root";$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"password"> = "";/* Server parameters */$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"host"> = "localhost"; //...

Because you need this to affix through localorganize.

Find the file config.default.php and replace

$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"host"> = "localhost"; through

$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"host"> = "";then log in.

It taken place the very same to me. But here"s how I solved it. Just reboot your browser whenever before it gives you that error and also log right into the phpMyAdmin again. No code compelled, no configurations manipulation required

Hey pal no should adjust any file.. Its basically because your mysqli isnt running ..Check manage panel for "action" column . You have to view "Start" definition its off, Your php can"t soptimal to a sleeping database gate"s locked..That"s why

To Solve it...Open the folder you mounted the xampp application right into, then click on xammp begin and also then accept all necessary approvals..

I had a comparable concern. I had the ability to perform settle by complying with the video tutorial

i simply included skip-grant-tables to my.ini file. Below is a sample portion of my.ini file.

# Example MySQL config file for small units.## This is for a system with little bit memory (
Purging the phpmyadmin and install aacquire worked for me.

Purge phpmyadmin using this command:

superform apt-obtain purge --auto-remove phpmyadminand install again:

suexecute apt-get install phpmyadmin
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Msql: Cannot connect: invalid establishing. Connection for controluser as characterized in your configuration failed
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