The Office was a large break for most of its actors members, many of whom had actually just began their Hollywood careers. In fact, before joining the sitcom, four of the show’s stars were interns top top Conan O’Brien’s late-night speak show.

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Before ‘The Office,’ Mindy Kaling interned because that ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’

In 1999, as a sophomore in ~ Dartmouth College, Kaling began her internship in ~ Late Night v Conan O’Brien. She to be hired as a manuscript intern, however was therefore enamored through O’Brien, she spent many of her time watching him work.

“You to be my comedy hero. I couldn’t believe how starstruck i was functioning there,” Kaling called her former boss in 2012 throughout an illustration on Conan. “I was additionally the worst intern that ever before worked ~ above the routine — ns wouldn’t perform the things I to be hired come do, i would simply follow you around.”

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John Krasinski, Angela Kinsey, and also Ellie Kemper also interned there

Along through Kaling, The Office stars man Krasinski, and Angela Kinsey also interned v Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Kinsey started her internship in 1994, functioning for Max Weinberg.

In 2000, as soon as Krasinski to be a junior in college, he spent his summer together a manuscript intern because that the show. “I had actually a blast,” the actor told O’Brien ~ above Late Night appearance. “My task actually was simply to hang out backstage through you just before you go on, and also you’d run with some monologue jokes.”

Ellie Kemper, that joined The Office in season 5, likewise worked ~ above the talk show and also appeared in several on-air skits.

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‘The Office’ showrunner has a background with Conan O’Brien

The connections to O’Brien don’t avoid with the actors of The Office. collection showrunner Greg Daniels has quite a long history with the comedian. The two went to college together, composed comedy for their institution magazine, and also started your careers as a writing team.

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“Well, my writing companion at the beginning of mine career to be Conan O’Brien,” Daniels revealed in a 2006 interview with NPR. “We to be both top top the humor magazine in ~ our university — we tried to market a little project the summer between our junior and an elderly years with few of the various other people, and we chosen working together,”

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“And once we graduated, there weren’t any other people who wanted to seek this professionally, so we type of teamed up,” he continued. “We gained hired to be comedy writers, and also we went out to LA. That’s the start of the entirety story because that me.”

Conan O’Brien jokes that he’s a Kingmaker

O’Brien has invited his previous interns together guests top top his talk show. And also he frequently jokes the he’s responsible for producing famous Hollywood celebrities.

“We have a long history of interns moving on come become large Hollywood stars,” he claimed on a 2013 episode of Conan, naming every The Office stars who’ve operated for him. “So clearly, once it concerns interns, ns a kingmaker in this town.”