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Research Questions:

What work can basic machines do easier?How can basic machines be an unified to make a compound machine?

With makers we deserve to do countless things that us wouldn’t just do through our own strength. Basic machines are machines that have few or no moving parts. Compound devices are comprised of two or more simple machines and also can be constructed to do work much simpler!


Small piece of wood (for levers and also wedges)DoorstopsScrewsSpoolsStringPaperclipsOther materials that could be supplied to construct an easy and link machines

Experimental Procedure:

Research the different simple machines, your functions, exactly how they make tasks easier, and find real-world examples.Now, think of an daily task that can be made much easier with the use of a machine. Describe the task and also how the use of a maker would leveling it.Design a compound maker using at the very least two an easy machines. Draw a detailed illustration of your machine, labeling the an easy machines.From your design, create your compound maker and shot it out. Did it work? walk it make your task easier?

Terms/Concepts: Force; basic machine; compound machine


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