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After spending job to shot to make the demo app work, which finally worked, now integrating the SDK in mine actual app is entirely failing.

Using AmazonChimeSDKMedia-0.11.3 and also AmazonChimeSDK-0.16.2 and also the worry is v AmazonChimeSDKMedia.

Using Xcode 12.5 and bigSur 11.4.

/Users/zeeshan/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/my_app_name-azwjzitglwbkcyhayibclslxjxhr/Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/mobile-border-ios-cleanup.app/Frameworks/AmazonChimeSDKMedia.framework: bundle style unrecognized, invalid, or unsuitable

On utilizing the ...SDK.xcframework files, I obtain a various error:

"Embedded binary is no signed through the same certificate as the parental app. Verify the installed binary target"s code authorize settings match the parental app"s." Now just how do I execute it? We have a developer profile listed for ours team and also we cannot change it.

I have tried everything I might find ~ above Stackoverflow.

We space unable to transform the task to an worry at this time. Please try again.


and examine if friend still have actually reference come AmazonChimeSDK?


If you are using ours demo application to remove recommendation to SDK project, then, you can want to do

Remove AmazonChimeSDK.xcodeproj by appropriate click -> Delete -> move to Trash. Make sure you have actually no reference to AmazonChimeSDK.xcodeproj in XcodeIf you view the an initial screen shot, the will require reference to AmazonChimeSDK. Click + on Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content and click add Other. You need to reference the downloaded SDK file (xcframework).If girlfriend moved ar of MediaSDK, climate you should remove that framework from screenshot 1 and include same complying with same procedure as 2.Try Product -> Clean build Folder come make certain previous developed artifact doesn"t impact our build.Build the application again and see if it has issue.

See more: The Conversion Of A Varchar Data Type To A Datetime Data Type Resulted In An Out-Of-Range Value.

Let me understand if you encounter any kind of issue during the step.


hokyungh added documentation and also removed inquiry labels Jun 23, 2021