Cosplay, v a couple of panels, from the brand-new York Comic-Con at the Jacob Javits Center.

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(Neilson Barnard / Getty pictures )

Comic Con pan in costume, and also makeup, arrive because that the 2015 brand-new York Comic Con in ~ the Jacob Javits Center. The four-day event beginning Oct. 8 is the largest pop society event on the east Coast.

(Timothy A. Clary / AFP/Getty Images)


A team of foolish Hatters, and the White Queen, indigenous “Alice in Wonderland” attitude while attending new York Comic Con.

(Steve Luciano / linked Press)

A cosplayer displays his take on Batman rogue the Penguin, complete with a fish snack in hand.

(Steve Luciano / connected Press)

The Joker, one of probably many, makes a point at brand-new York Comic Con.

(Steve Luciano / associated Press)

Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Hensen, Jon Bernthal and also Elodie Yung attend the Netflix presents The Casts that ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ and ‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ dashboard at new York Comic-Con.

(Dave Kotinsky / Getty images for Netflix)

Diego Vargas puts on the boots to his Hawkman costume when attending new York Comic Con.

(Julie Jacobson / linked Press)

A fan in costume (Lobo? A danger Iceman?) arrives for the opened session.

(Timothy A. Clary / AFP/Getty Images)

Astronauts Jerry Linenger, Soyeon Yi, and Robert Curbeam speak in ~ the scientific research Channel mystery Space Escapes panel.

(Mark Von Holden / AP pictures for discovery Communic)

Fans in costumes arrive for the opening session of the 2015 new York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center.

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(Timothy A. Clary / AFP/Getty Images)

Bryan Cranston, Seth Green and also writer Zeb Wells native “Supermansion” speak at brand-new York Comic-Con in ~ the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

(John Lamparski / Getty Images)

Cosplayer Amanda Caswell together Sally indigenous “The Nightmare prior to Christmas.”