Justin Bieber is branching out together an artist and also is now creating Drew-themed mixed media pieces. Meanwhile, the civilization eagerly await his next album.

So us all understand that Justin Bieber makes art with his lovely Canadian voice, but did you understand that he’s now likewise making art through his hands? together in, he’s taken to creating mixed media collages v paint, Drew-branded stickers, garments tags, and also who knows what else.

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It all began a couple of days back when Justin shared an Instagram of among his pieces, writing, “little art item I created my young
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But that’s not all! the looks like Justin is quite serious about his new project, ’cause he set up a full “art station” in his backyard, finish with taped-down wooden floors, a tent, and a ton that supplies. He additionally teased about four other canvases the he is working on, so i guess he’s fine on his method to the 10 piece that the promised the great people the Instagram.



I have a couple of questions around Justin’s newfound an innovative outlet though: how much is that going to sell his pieces for? who does he think is going come buy them? and also is the going to record some new music shortly or is he simply going to focus on this collage case for a bit?

Either way, mazel tov come Justin because that finding a new hobby! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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