"s radar detectors aid you stay safe and also alert. Incorporated through laser detection technology, we have actually radar detectors for sale that sell "instant-on" detection to easily identify all radar signals from the front and also rear of your vehicle. Our progressed innovation reduces false cautions so you have the right to drive through peace of mind.

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" data-aspectratio="1.0" data-sizes="auto" tabindex="-1" alt=" DualPro 360°" > DualPro 360°

Regular price $449.95 $349.95

" data-aspectratio="1.0" data-sizes="auto" tabindex="-1" alt=" Roadway Scout" > Road Scout

The Roadway Scout offers an award-winning, innovative 2-in-1 driver alert solution. Designed to carry out you through intelligent cautions so you have the right to drive smart...


" data-aspectratio="1.0" data-sizes="auto" tabindex="-1" alt=" RADVERTISEMENT 480i" > RADVERTISEMENT 480i

The RAD 480i radar detector keeps you safe on the road via real-time rate trap cautions from the community and also advanced tech for much longer range detection...


" data-aspectratio="1.0" data-sizes="auto" tabindex="-1" alt=" RADVERTISEMENT 380" > RAD 380

The RAD 380 radar detector is the most basic means to drive smarter and safer. With next gen technology now at a wallet friendly price, obtain much longer selection and fewer...


" data-aspectratio="1.0" data-sizes="auto" tabindex="-1" alt=" iRAD" > iRAD

The iRad supplies security versus all radar and laser gun hazards on the road while giving real-time live regulation enforcement and speed trap alerts from t...


The RADVERTISEMENT 450 keeps you aware of your surroundings by offering long variety security from radar and laser weapons and eliminating false advises via advanced IVT ...


The RAD 350 keeps chauffeurs aware and protects against all radar and also laser gun dangers on the road this day. Anti-falsing technology and also IVT filtering eliminates...


Car radar detectors help you remain safe, alert, and also concentrated on the road with the information you require as soon as you require it. They perform even more than just assist you protect against a ticket; a good cop radar detector cautions you to the potential roadblocks or website traffic congestion that a speed trap could cause, helping you mitigate your speed and also drive smarter – and also safer.

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Police radar detectors detect X, K, and Ka-band also radar signals, and also laser detectors detect VG-2 signals. Instant-on detection recognizes radar guns quickly and deserve to detect them at the front or the rear of your vehicle.