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The Webex™Board is an all-in-one tool that provides everything you must collaborate via your teamsin physical meeting rooms. You have the right to wirelessly current, white board, and also have actually video and audio calls. Anditsecucount connects to your online groups via the Webex service, by means of your Webex Teams app-allowed tools, so you have the right to take your meetings and content on the road.

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White boarding capcapability on the Webex Board 55 Webex Board product overview

The Webex Board revolutionizes the method we job-related by combining essential demands for team participation in the physical meeting room into a single gadget and also connects it to the cloud for constant workflow. It’s a wiremuch less presentation screen, a digital whiteboard, and also an audio and also video conferencing device, all in one. The Webex Board helps teams collaborate in physical meeting rooms, but additionally secudepend connects to online meeting spaces to facilitate continuous workflow before, in the time of, and also after everyone has left the physical conference room. The Webex Board draws its power from the Webex organization, which combines meeting, messaging, calling, and also brand-new white boarding capabilities on any kind of Webex Teams app-permitted device. Registration to the Webex in the cloud lets you save every little thing created on the Webex Board directly in the cloud and associate it to a virtual Webex Teams area, so you can take your work-related wherever before you go. The Webex Board solution offers an incorporated, secure, and detailed lifecycle technique to teamwork that is as yet unimagined, and also therefore unmatched, by any type of other solution on the sector.

The Webex Board 55 is a completely self-contained system on a high-resolution 4K 55-inch LED screen. With an incorporated 4K cam, installed microphones, and also a capacitive touch interchallenge, the board brings intelligence, style, and uscapacity to meeting rooms, from tiny to big. Designed through minimal wires for simplicity and elegance,’s latest teamwork device permits wireless sharing and Wi-Fi connectivity. The system is also touch-based for straightforward and rich team participation. Not just is the Webex Board beautiful to beorganize and effortmuch less to usage, it is also affordable to acquire and also easy to install and deploy, so that it deserve to be a fixture in every one of your conference rooms.

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The Webex Board is the latest addition to the portfolio of video and also audio conferencing tools that register to Webex, including the Webex Room Series and DX80, the MX and SX Series, and also the IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Series.


● Easily white board with the Webex Pen or your finger on the Webex Board and also immediately conserve content to a Webex Teams space