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Santa"s call Again - many thanks to OneCommand and also Cincinnati Bell

OneCommand an innovation Helps Cincinnati Bell carry Joy to countless Area children for the sixth Consecutive vacation Season

CINCINNATI, Nov. 21, 2011 / -- because that the sixth year in a row, Santa"s workshop - in collaboration with Cincinnati Bell - has actually enlisted a cut edge technology "elf" in Cincinnati-based OneCommand to aid bring Santa"s message of holiday happiness to thousands of kids in the tri-state area. This year"s program will officially open for phone call on Monday, November 21, 2011 and also will continue through Saturday, December 24, 2011.

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OneCommand (, a leader in multi-channel marketing and also communication solutions, is powering Cincinnati Bell"s renowned – and totally free - Santa phone call program. The regimen makes it possible for family and friends to joy the special tri-state kids on their holiday list with a personalized call from Santa, via the Cincinnati Bell website

"We are exceptionally excited to it is in powering this magical program for another year. Using our an innovation to help bring the spirit and also the wonder that the vacation season to life for children all across our tri-state is truly rewarding," stated OneCommand Vice chairman of Marketing, Lindsay Leugers. "We"re likewise proud to assistance our long-time and valued partner, Cincinnati Bell in this distinctive and powerful community outreach program."

Since the begin of the Santa Calls program in 2006, OneCommand has delivered nearly 400,000 personalized calls indigenous Santa on behalf of Cincinnati Bell. In addition to dispersing holiday cheer all throughout the tri-state, the OneCommand-powered program has helped prompt non-Cincinnati Bell client to learn much more about every this top telecom provider has to offer.

"We space thrilled it is in working through OneCommand because that the 6th year in a row. Cincinnati Bell"s Santa call program is among our most popular neighborhood outreach programs," stated Jane Weiler, senior interactive marketing manager at Cincinnati Bell. "Without the modern technology and smooth integration noted by OneCommand – and also their north Pole connections – this routine would no be feasible or so basic for consumers to use."

Santa call is easy to use. The program can be accessed in ~ native a computer or smartphone. Native there, the user can start to personalize their contact – picking from one of four distinctive holiday messages, selecting the child"s name and scheduling their desired date and also time for delivery. All calls room then ceded by OneCommand using Santa"s voice.

Santa Calls deserve to be yielded to any type of home or mobile number v a 513, 937, 859 or 812 area password – covering Cincinnati, Dayton, north Kentucky, and parts of Indiana. Calls can be scheduled, however, from any type of area the the nation – making it possible for much away friends and also relatives to get in top top the fun too. Plus, for any phone equipped with caller ID, the contact will appear to come directly from the phibìc Pole! Calls must be booked by 11:59 p.m. On Dec. 23, 2011 and also no calls have the right to be ceded after 9 p.m. On Dec. 24, 2011.

About OneCommand (

OneCommand is a leading provider that integrated and automated, personalized interactions designed to rationalization workflow, minimize marketing expense and generate exceptional customer response. Focusing on the delivery of the best message, in ~ the best time, and through the right channel, OneCommand helps its client realize significant improvements in loyalty and retention, frequency the visit and also overall profitability.

Each job the agency delivers millions of personalized interactions on instead of of its clients — helping to increase its knowledge of consumer behavior and an answer and prolonging that knowledge and also expertise to do the communications of its clients even an ext powerful.

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OneCommand"s proven, web-based connection Performance Marketing Solutions allow customers come leverage the strength of their voice with a multitude that channels, consisting of voice messaging, text and also mobile messaging, e-mail marketing, live call center services, straight mail and a selection of various other streams promoting customer engagement.

By providing a seamless solution for interaction from shop come buy to service and also repurchase, OneCommand provides the opportunity to name: coordinates a unified post to customers. This approach, paired through custom automation of timely, relevant and also consistent communications, has actually led to far-ranging reductions in marketing expense and also even higher improvements in the client experience. For much more information call 1.800.814.6820, email or visit