In the summer that 1998 Miramax made arrangements to usage the exterior of the Ventfort hall mansion as the orphanage for the movie adaptation of the john Irving novel Cider residence Rules. Lenox, in addition to Northampton, Massacusetts, new Hampshire, and also Maine was a short home come the development of this Oscar-winning film.

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With Tobey Maguire together the orphan Homer Wells, Michael Caine together Dr. Wilbur Larch, Charlize Theron as Candy, Ventfort Hall became St. Cloud’s Orphanage under the direction the Lasse Holstrom. David Gropman to be the production designer and his crew of carpenters, see workers and also electricians took end the property in august 1998 to prepare for the filming.

Ventfort room benefited from their activities. The film replaced the ugly security glass in the porch door v a beautiful stained glass home window that matches the old ones on either side. The rotting porch columns and missing railings were rebuilt with brand-new wood and also then painted and aged to enhance the original weather stained and weather-beaten porch. When, throughout a summer rainstorm, that was uncovered that the porch roof leaked favor a sieve, carpenters to be sent automatically to rebuild the roof.

Finally, top top a cold November day, hundreds of enormous trucks arrived. Filming had begun. Eye was manufactured one day. Two days later it to be washed away and also green grass and summer flower sprouted everywhere the garden. Trees came and also went together they were necessary to screen unwanted views… Lights shed deep right into the night… What a good adventure! three weeks later it was all a memory. The movie to be released to an excellent acclaim in 2000.

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The movie The Cider residence Rules is the end on video. This Oscar-winning film attributes the mansion together “St. Cloud’s Orphanage” in the john Irving Story. The exhilaration is great! wonderful music.VHA is dazzling to have been a component of this fine film. The video and CD are available for purchase in the Ventfort hall Gift Shop.

snow do in progress
photo of paneling gift reinstalled top top south finish of the good Hall
photo of porch column and railing work
South Porch being re roofed by movie crew
photo of brand-new stained glass window