Christina Grimmie, that was shot and killed in Florida ~ above Friday night ~ a concert, performs Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” in a YouTube clip.

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“A fun, voluntary Ed Sheeran jamsession happened the other day in my room with some friends,” reads a subtitle to open up Christina Grimmie’s YouTube clip of her performing the Brit singer’s song “Give Me Love.”

As inmany of her YouTube performances, Grimmie, that was shot come deathon Friday when signing autographs ~ an Orlando, Fla., concert,wears a joyful expression while singing the acoustic song. That look, coupled with that voice, helped propel Grimmie to popular long prior to she landed on “The Voice” to perform for national audiences.

Her positive enthusiasm was on display screen in the hours leading up to Friday’s concert in Orlando. Grimmie was an energetic Twitter user, and documented she life both ~ above tour and also in her practice space. She expressed excitement at playing in Orlando, and advocated Friday"s concert through inviting her followers to party v her.

The magnetic Grimmie attractedher fan base v that openness. She YouTube uploads show an entertainment artist who have the right to talk to a video camera like she"s talking to her finest friend, and who can perform come an invisible audience as though shewere at a campfire song-swapping session.

Christina Grimmie performs Ed Sheeran"s "Give Me Love"

For example, in 2010, a young Grimmie to be still in her teens, yet that didn’t avoid herfrom uploading a video clip that’s currently surpassed 100 million views. Along with Sam Tsui, the pair tackled St. Luigi rapper Nelly’s late-era struggle “Just a Dream.”

Christina Grimmie and also Sam Tsui do Nelly"s "Just a Dream"

The song listed below is barely regarded her pop-oriented material, so as soon as Grimmiecrankedalong with Skrillex’s“Bangarang,” the playfulness was contagious.

Christina Grimmie tackles Skrillex

Sitting in former of a keyboard simply offthe screen,Grimmie can be getting ready to drop a Coldplay or Lady Gaga cover. But, no, beforehand last year sheheaded down an EDM wormhole to cover the enormous hit “Lean On,” by major Lazer and also DJ Snake.

Christina Grimmie performing "Lean On" by major Lazer and DJ Snake

Does anyone remember the Harlem Shake? Long prior to she won Adam Levine’s heart on “The Voice,” Grimmie was working in addition to her fans to celebrate the dance fad. Though not really a cover, that a blast come watchGrimmie and her posse going crazy once thebass autumn arrives.

Christina Grimmie and friends do the "Harlem Shake."

Sitting in an north room save for a cool piano, Grimmie delivereda confident take on Rihanna’s “Stay” in 2013. Unlike many contestants plucked native anonymity on “The Voice,” the singer properly started gatheringher people years prior to Adam Levine take it an interest.

Christina Grimmie covering Rihanna"s "Stay"

As a result, her bounty the devoteeswere solid fickle pendant whose fandom endedafter the season finale.

Through Saturday afternoon, those admirers hadbeen flooding she YouTube page and also individual clips come bid Grimmie farewell and also celebrate her quick life with hundreds of comments. However, for reasons unknown, comments have been closeup of the door for all of Grimmie’s uploaded videos. Instead, fans have actually taken to Twitter and also Facebook.

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Wrote one pan in mourning: “They shot friend down, however you will never fall. Forever in our hearts.#RIPChristina.”

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