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Chris Perez Career

Chris Perez started learning guitar at an early age.He want to run away come Los Angeles, California in ~ the period of 17 where he wanted to begin a absent band.He to be living through his father and worked in ~ a library.He then joined Shelly Lares" tape in 1986 just since he to be paid more than functioning at a library. He was asked through the band"s musical director, Tony Lares to sign up with the band.After Tony Lares left, he came to be Shelly"s music director.He co-wrote 3 songs because that Shelly"s debut album in 1998.Perez embraced offers to joined Selna Quintanilla"s band, Selena y Los Dinos.The band"s manager, Selena"s father originally disliked Perez"s rocker image and also feared the Perez in the group might influence Selena"s "perfect image" and also ruin she career.He to be arrested for DUI and speeding in san Antonio, Texas in 1991.Perez once shared a hotel room with two road crew members that Selena y Los Dinos. Being intoxicated, they started wrestling and knocked the door turn off its hinges, and holes in the wall surface inside the room.Abraham Sr. Fired the brothers indigenous the band but did not fire Perez. He embraced Perez"s apology and was permitted to continue with the band.However, Perez"s affair through Selena came into the means of his music career v the band.Perez was fired native the band and he continued to pat music wherever he could.Devasted Selena and also Chris at some point eloped in Nueces County, Texas.Selena and also Perez"s eloping was announced by the media within the hrs of their marital relationship ceremony. Selena"s father finally accepted their marriage.It took time for Selena"s father to accept their marriage. As soon as accepted, Perez to be brought ago to the band.Selena to be shot and killed through Yolanda Saldivar, her former friend and former manager of she boutiques ~ above 31 march 1995.Selena"s fatality devasted Perez and he dropped into drugs and also alcohol addiction. He remained close through the Quintanilla family.He was part of the band"s five albums Ven Conmigo (1990), Entre a Mi Mundo (1992), Selena Live! (1993), Amor Prohibido (1994), and Dreaming of you (1995).Perez developed the chris Perez Band through his friend, john Garza in 1998.The tape signed v Hollywood Records.The band released that is debut album, Resurrection in may 1999.

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The album went on to success a Grammy award for finest Latin rock or alternate Album.The tape released their second album, Una Noche Mas in 2002.The band ultimately disbanded after the relax of their second album.Perez ongoing his musical career with several teams including his brother-in-law A.B."s group, the Kumbia Kings and the Kimbia every Starz.He ultimately left the band and also formed a new band, the chris Perez job in 2010.He created a book around his partnership with Selena. The publication which was title "To Selena, v Love" was released in 2012.