Almost twenty years before his own untimely death, chris Cornell penned a beautiful tribute to his friend and fellow musician, Jeff Buckley. “Wave Goodbye,” native his first solo album, “Euphoria Mourning,” details in perfect precision what it’s favor to lose a near friend, indigenous the stinging heartache to the confusion. Yet it also reminds united state that, even though the seems like the grief will never ever stop, eventually we learn how to live again.

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After singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley died from an inadvertently drowning in 1997, dozens of artists, including Rufus Wainwright and Aimee Mann, created heartfelt tributes to him. But while numerous of those artist spoke straight to your relationships through Buckley specifics Cornell’s tribute is different. It speaks to a generalized grief that most of us have felt at one time or another. In this sense, it’s a memorial tune that anyone deserve to revisit and also relate to after the fatality of a loved one.

One line, in particular, recalls an endure that everyone who has actually lost who suddenly more than likely shares. Cornell sings,

“And everywhere you think you see them walking under the street as soon as you miss out on somebody.”


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A stranger’s haircut can remind girlfriend momentarily the the person you lost. Or the smell of someone’s perfume might trick you, because that a separation second, right into thinking that your love one just walked past you top top the sidewalk. This have the right to be an unsettling experience that brings ago immense, unforeseen feelings that grief, even long after ~ a loved one has actually died.

Cornell isn’t fear to talk about the pervasiveness of grief in “Wave Goodbye.” countless platitudes around grief reassure us that, eventually, it disappears. This could be true in part cases, but more often, grief is something the never totally goes away. You discover to cope v it. However after the loss of who close, your life changes irreversibly.

Cornell’s memorial song refuses to sugarcoat the grieving process. It says that grief is painful. It might be through you to some level for the rest of your life. However you have to pick yourself up and live life come the fullest, also in the challenge of grief — especially in the face of grief.

Cornell likewise reminds united state that once we love someone we unknowingly set ourselves up for future feel of grief. He sings,

“So currently you begin to identify that every single path you view leads come a tear in her eye.”

But quite than wallowing in this grief, or anxiously awaiting it, we have to “wave goodbye” and also accept the lose of the civilization we love most.

That procedure can take years. In some cases, we may never totally heal. Decades after someone’s death, we might still suffer intense emotions as soon as we hear your favorite tune on the radio or uncover a long-lost photograph of them. These feelings can be unpleasant in the moment, yet they remind us that we room alive. Castle remind united state that we once loved this human deeply, sufficient to still feeling pangs of grief year after they’re gone. It’s a bittersweet, undeniably beautiful sentiment.

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Read the complete lyrics because that “Wave Goodbye” here, or watch the video clip below.