Anonymous asked: In your 5x14 post, you made a comment about Will Sherrod being in the episode? Can you find a gif or a video clip for me? I was so distracted by all the crisscolfer feels I didn"t notice.

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search will sherrod on you’ll find him

Anonymous asked: why do you only use in character moments as "evidence" for crisscolfer? like "oh the way they look at each other" um, they"re getting paid to look as thoughh they"re in love with the other. try again

oh well maybe because i see no difference


as always

When Blaine /Darren/ wakes up and cooks for Kurt /Chris/, when they’re making their bed etc, it looks like they used to do it all the time.

Kissing with tongue.

“There’s usually no tongue. Ever. Unless you’re dating who you’re kissing.” -Dean Geyer talking about kissing on camera

The way they look at each other.




this episode was full of crisscolfer moments. And who was in the episode? Will Sherrod!


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right in the feels.

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Glee will never be the same without Glee Club it’s more like this episode was the last episode of Glee and then now we’ll have a remake of Friends

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“I’m tired. I’m tired to be the bullied one. Dear god, WHY US? Because we’re in the ‘wrong side’? Because Darren is supposed to be straight and dating Mia, and Chris is supposed to date Will and WE think Chris and Darren are dating?

What’s bad? Did we killed someone or did the president Obama said something about how bad is this?

Ok so maybe we’re delusional and the fact that we say Darren and Chris are boyfriends make them angry, but who tweet them everyday about Miarren and Chill, who gave Chris gifts of ‘him and Will’? We’ve never did something disrespectful unless maybe some fanarts and fanfictions about them having sex, and okay maybe we don’t like Mia and Will but it has nothing to do with Chris and Darren because i’m sorry when I became a fan of them I didn’t sign to love Mia and Will.

So yes, maybe we’re in the ‘wrong side’ but i’m sorry to tell you, both of Chris and Darren never confirmed their relationships. And I mean, Miarren, Chill, CrissColfer or whatever.

So we’re delusional, okay, but if we follow your logic, you’re too.

We don’t know them, we don’t know anything about them. Just some facts, but who knows if it’s true? If I was a celebrity, I’d lie sometimes, cause everybody is a liar. I am. You’re. They are. It’s not because they’re famous they never lie.

So maybe Chris is dating Will, but who knows, maybe he is dating Dianna, Ashley, Lea, Kevin, Harry or even Mia? Who knows if Darren isn’t dating Chord? Who knows if like 1 or 2 years ago, Chris didn’t dated Mark and Darren dated Jenna? Who knows if Chris and Darren aren’t dating? WHO KNOWS? Nobody knows. Nobody knows if D is dating M, C is dating W or whoever he wants, and maybe we will NEVER know.

If you think Chris is dating Will bc they’re always together, thats cool.

If you think Darren is dating Mia bc they’re supposed to be a couple since a long time, thats cool.

And we thing Chris and Darren are dating bc there’s chemistry between them, thats cool too.

We’ve our opinions, you’ve yours. That’s okay, that’s cool. Just leave us alone, let us ship who we want and we’ll let you ship who you want, even if we don’t like who you’re shipping.

Do you know Larry Shippers? They ship Louis and Harry from One Direction, and the others directioners bullied them. And you know what? A lot of Larry Shippers killed themselves. Is that what you want?

We’re all Gleeks before this bullshit. And Gleeks are a family even if you ship Chill/Miarren, even if we ship CrissColfer and even if some persons ships Achele, Heya or whoever they want.

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With Glee, we learned to love everybody, even if you’re straight, gay, fat, skinny, dumb or intelligent. That what our idols teach us, do you think they would like to know that we’re fighting because we don’t like Miarren or CrissColfer? I don’t think so.