TARZANA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- kris Brown organized a garden sale in ~ his residence in Tarzana Wednesday and supported the occasion by share his deal with with his an ext than 88 million followers on Instagram and also Twitter.The controversial singer, songwriter and actor posted a flyer through details around the revenue on Tuesday, encouraging pan to buy "significantly marked-down, high end designer items."

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The sale is being held until 7 p.m. Wednesday at Brown"s home, situated at 19602 Citrus Ridge Dr. The 30-year-old singer included it will be a two-day event however did no release details around the 2nd day.
A press release proclaimed the sale consists of items that are "either brand-new or have actually been worn by kris Brown in music video shoots, red carpet events and also etc." according to the statement, a part of the proceeds will certainly be donated to numerous non-profit institutions that Brown supports.Los Angeles police stated officers had actually been assigned come the location, and security security were also on hand. Policemans at the scene at first said the sale might be shut down by the Los Angeles department of Building and Safety as result of trucks moving items in and also out of the home, i beg your pardon is in violation of city code, yet the event was proceeding without incident as of Wednesday afternoon.About 2 dozen human being had landed on the residence by 4 a.m., consisting of a fan who claimed he drive overnight from san Francisco.
"Just to acquire a opportunity to own a item of something that he has would honestly simply be a an excellent thing," Jesse Pacleb said. "Just for myself and a pretty memorabilia piece."Other fans stated they to be looking to benefit off that the sale."I want to see what he has, good merchandise prefer purses, all the stuff, so I might sell or store it for souvenirs," Sacramento residents Kameko Meja said.One cheap shopper stated he to buy a pair of sneakers reportedly worn by Brown because that $35 and also hoped to sell them virtual for $500.AIR7 HD to be over the house at 10 a.m., once the line had wrapped around the corner and also down the street. Merchandise was collection up under a dozen tents next to a tourism bus with graffiti featuring The Joker and other characters at the finish of a cul de sac in former of the home.
The Grammy-Award win singer previously common his home resolve online during a spat with offset in February in which that urged the Migos rapper to fight him claiming, "My address ain"t no secret spot."Brown"s six-bedroom house has made headlines over the years, including last year once California room of Fish and also Wildlife agents seized one illegal pet monkey and in 2015 when equipped suspects broke in and locked Brown"s aunt within a closet while they ransacked the home.Since relocating to the residence in 2015, Los Angeles police got several complaints indigenous neighbors about Brown, consisting of in 2016 as soon as residents claimed he was riding one ATV and also doing doughnuts about the neighborhood.It"s uncertain if Brown will be home during the yard sale.



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