How to do Chip and Dale’s Costume from Monster HighChip and also Dale

a fun method to do a equivalent costume through your bro is a by put on Chip and Dale’s costume. Simply cop a chipmunk onesie. Then acquire a black and red sleep foam to differentiate each costume. Chip has the black sleep while Dale it s okay the red one.

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Make your Halloween costume count v this comfy Chip and Dale costume!

1 OnesieGet this squirrel onesie.
2Black Foam NoseThen wear this black foam nose.
1 OnesieGet comfy in this onesie.
2Red Foam NoseCop a red nose foam for Dale.
5Women’s Costumealternative variation for women
6costume because that childrenonesie for kids

About Chip and also Dale

Chip & Dale room brother chipmunks who first appeared in exclusive pluto cartoons in 1943. Lock then had actually their official appearance in the animate quick film Chip an’ Dale which was released in 1947.

Chip is described to it is in the level headed one, focused on logical reasoning and also for play it safe. Meanwhile, Daleis the opposite v a habit of being more relaxed, impulsive, and also at times shows indicators of gift dimwitted.


Maggie & Ferocious Beast Costume Maggie & Ferocious Beast’s costumes room a yellow shirt, a blue pinafore dress, yellow socks, black mary Janes, and also a white safari hat; and also a yellow jumpsuit with red circular felt document glued come it.

Wild Kratts Costume Wild Kratts brother costume is basic to make! for this reason if you want to save pets just like them, all you will need is a white shirt, either a blue or environment-friendly jacket, and also khaki pants.

Dave and Ava Costume Dave and also Ava’s costumes space orange pajamas with puppy ears and also blue pajamas through kitten ears.

JJ & Yoyo (Cocomelon) CostumeJJ"s costume contains a green onesie if Yoyo"s costume consists of a purple dress with long sleeves. She also has orange hair!

Flotsam and also Jetsam (The tiny Mermaid) CostumeFlotsam and Jetsam costume look prefer sea creatures and also looks choose snakes or eels. Your costume can include green scaly lengthy sleeved tops and also leggings paired with furry foot warmers.
Chase (Paw Patrol) Costume chase’s costume is a blue police vest with a police patch/collar, a blue police cap, and also a boxy blue backpack.

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