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Tangram Shapes


The forms of the Chinese tangram video game are always the very same - but they can be made any size.

Amanda Littlejohn (stuff4kids)

What are Tangrams?

Tangrams space the most popular of every the Chinese puzzles. The is a kind of puzzle the was developed in China a long time ago. The is comprised of seven level shapes well-known in Chinese as "tans".

The seven tangram pieces constantly have the very same shapes, however the puzzle have the right to be made any type of size.

The forms are:

2 big triangles1 tool triangle2 small trianglesa squarea parallelogram

The aim of the game is to take it the jumbled-up shapes and also fit them together to make particular images or silhouettes.

Some the the puzzles are quite easy and some would have made Einstein scratch his head!

Let's learn around the history. Climate we'll look at how to do a tangram puzzle game. Finally, there are videos of popular tangram puzzle forms for you to try and cool sources if you want to discover out more.

Who invented the Tangram Puzzle Game?

Nobody yes, really knows who created the tangram puzzle game.

It is certainly really old indeed and may even have its beginnings in an ancient type of "divination" or fortune-telling.

The first historical point out of the game, however, is in a publication from the nineteenth century. There is one old Chinese painting that mirrors two people playing tangram that dates ago to the 1700s and the name of the video game in Chinese can be together old as the 4th century before Christ.

But whoever designed it must have been nice smart as it is quiet as popular today together it was all those years ago - and also just as lot fun!

Rules the Tangram

Like every games and also puzzles, there room some rules the you need to follow to do it work.

The rules of the Chinese tangram video game are very easy come learn.

The rule are:

to deal with each puzzle, you have to use all seven shapeseach shape should touch at the very least one other shapethe shapes have to not overlap

It's as straightforward as that! however like a many of gamings with basic rules (such as chess or backgammon) it have the right to still be fairly a challenge to number out!

Make Your own Tangram: Step-by-Step Instructions

You can buy tangram sets complete with publications of puzzles to accompany them indigenous stores.

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But it deserve to be fun and also satisfying to make your own, too. The isn't challenging and you have the right to usually uncover what you need approximately the home.

Once you've got these things together, girlfriend are prepared to do your very own tangram game!

Things You will certainly Need

To do your very own tangram you will certainly need:

a piece of thick cardboarda rulera sharp pencila pair of scissorspaint & brush (optional)

Skills emerged by do a Tangram

You can develop some useful an abilities making a tangram game, such as