Back in February, it was evidenced that Donald Glover(a.k.a Childish Gambino) would certainly be playing a male stripper in the upcoming movie Magic Mike XXL. Now a shirtmuch less photo of him in costume has actually surconfronted, and our boy is rocking some abs underneath his shiny babsence suit and also fedora.

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The film"s official Twittermutual Glover"s initially photo this particular day in poster create. The name of his character has actually yet to be revealed.

Glover recently spoketo Colliderabout the role, saying he"ll be "showing himself" in the upcoming sequel.

Please welpertained to the XXL family… Donald Glover (

— Magic Mike (
magicmikemovie) April 29, 2015

"I certainly present myself a little little," he sassist. "It"s a funny point. I simply never before really - that energy is, I do not know, getting into it is cool, to simply dive into something choose that. I"ve never remained in that people. It"s incredibly few world that have actually ever been a convention center filled via 900 women screaming. That"s a feeling that I feel favor exceptionally few world understand. It was crazy. I met so many people. Tright here was a girl tright here, I was having actually a scene via her, just talking, and also everybody was just so exciting, however supportive. It"s hard to be that supportive as soon as you"re in that room for that lengthy, screaming."

He additionally freshly told The Daily Beastthat he is gaining more confidence from the function.

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obtained method better," he told them. "It"s gotten way much better. It"s all confidence."

Magic Mike XXLhits theaters almost everywhere July 1.

Check out the trailer listed below, and also let us recognize what you think of Glover"s poster in the comments section!

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