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Depending ~ above what you tow, how far and how rapid can do a vast difference on load to the vehicle. It may not be able to cope with the energy need or heat created trying to pull something increase a lengthy incline. Exactly how will the battery handle trying to sustain complete output for 90 secs up a mountain? have the right to the generator also output sufficient to store up v towing loads?Sometimes an empty crate trailer the weighs 900lbs have the right to be more stress on a car than a 5000lb boat. That box aero is a killer. GM most likely didn"t desire that liability.Ford walk a far better job v their tow specs. For countless vehicles they perform the weight and also the maximum acceptable frontal area the the item being towed.

I"ve traction a completely loaded 3500 Dodge around the lot in ~ work. Van alone to be 7,000 lbs, and easily had another 2k of equipment on it. Barely felt that behind the automobile at parking lot of speeds. Thought about going WOT yet didn"t want to pull too tough on the strap or ~ above the rear axle of the Volt ns was hooked to.
The problem is not v the drive train, it"s the unibody construction. The sheet steel panels are literally traction apart. This object shows exactly how an owner had actually to have panels welded ago in place. You can want to acquire a car with a actual frame, or one whereby the manufacturer draft it for towing.

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Check the end the voltruk subject for part insight.Or shot this one: this one:"ve just towed my trailer a couple times as result of external circumstances however I"m really paranoid around weight. Together the above link shows the weld failures that is specifically my concern. I number if I"m walk to carry out this in a Volt I should be overly cautious to begin with as far as every the devices is concerned and also the rest "should" take care of itself. My logic was that my camper was around 600# empty and if I only put in light things (sleeping bags, the pop up canopy and the tent) and also haul whatever else in the automobile it "should" minimize the actual stress, overload on welds and such. My trailer tires space rated over 65mph but I store as near to that as I can. The automobile barely knows I"m pulling a trailer and also braking is fine for this reason far. I"m still concerned around the welds and such however wouldn"t you expect a little extra beef in it simply to hold along with that large battery in the belly? Hauling that hefty A-frame camper or something much over 1000# ns think is inviting trouble.
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