I set up Nagios to my local server, and am monitoring a CentOS server.All the plugins (nagios plugins and nrpe) are set up too, and also functioning in local, yet not by means of my server. Generic solutions are monitored well yet others (neighborhood services) aren"t working. Statut indevelopment shows: CHECK_NRPE STATE CRITICAL: Socket timeout after 30 seconds.

I"ve set up nrpe in my remote hold and also added commands in nrpe.cfg.In my nagios server, I characterized those commands in my server"s configuration file.

You are watching: Check_nrpe socket timeout after 10 seconds

When I inspect those commands in my centOS server, it works well.For exemple as soon as I type:

./check_procs -w 250 -c 300 prompt shows:

PROCS AVERTISSEMENT: 284 processus | procs=284;250;300;0;Or the command: ./check_nrpe -H localhostIt shows: NRPE v3.2.1

Everything seems working, but if I try: ./check_nrpe -H monitoredserver, it doesn"t work-related.

Also, in nagios web interface, eextremely regional company in monitored server shows: CHECK_NRPE STATE CRITICAL: Socket timeout after 30 secs.

nagios nrpe
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Please verify widespread mistakes which you have the right to have:

Your NRPE daemon is not began on remote server

Run business nrpe status on remote server and also verify NRPE state.

Test your netoccupational connection

Run telnet monitoredserver 5666 from Nagios server and test your link. If this command also fail, then you have actually firewall in between these servers.

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