SONGLAND -- "Charlie Puth" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Charlie Puth, Ryan Tedder, Ester Dean, Shane McAnally -- (Picture by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

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It appears as if the talent keeps building on NBC’s new hit fact present, Songland. The present, which pairs novice songauthors through seasoned producers and also invites a hit recording artist in to find their next document has actually given music fans a behind-the-scenes look at how songs are composed and exactly how they find their method to recording artists.

And, as mentioned, the line-up for the tenth episode of the series boasted tremendous talent and also a personal link to the special guest artist, Charlie Puth. “I want to open my mind as much as what the following development of me can be,” Charlie told producers Ester Dean, Shane McAnally, and also Ryan Tedder.

The first contestant to present her original song was 25-year-old Sam DeRosa from Poughkeepsie, New York. As shortly as she gotten in the room, Charlie known her as a former classmate from Berklee. “Sam DeRosa! Look at us,” he exdeclared. Sam’s performance of “Pill For This” obtained overwhelming approval from everyone on the panel, through Ryan discussing that the hair on his arms was standing up. Ester confronted Charlie asking if he kbrand-new about Sam. “No,” he replied. “All we did was obtain clam chowder and compose horrible English essays.” He added, “She eliminated it. She really, really did.”

Berkeley, California’s Zach Sorgen began composing when he was nine, but had repeatedly been composing a song a day for the past five years. His song, “Halittle,” was about an on-aacquire, off-aobtain relationship and also the panel was pleased. “This is a giant box of ear candy,” Ryan told him. While Shane was pertained to that the gist of the lyric had been hidden, Charlie loved it.

Next up was 19-year-old Paris Alexa from Seattle. She described that her original music, “Pity Party,” was around someone who felt poor because they had actually messed up a relationship. “It reminds me so much of a document I functioned on through Sam Hunt wbelow tright here was an element of this moodiness, this sadness, there’s melodies anywhere,” Shane told her. “It’s not a nation song, however that melody and that lyric took me to a country area.”

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The last aspiring writer of the night was 21-year-old Aussie, Joel Adams. He, as well, had actually created a song every day since he was 15, however his song, “Hate Love,” was an extra mature providing since the subject was make-up sex. Following his performance, Shane told him, “I have a funny reaction to the hook. The word ‘hate’ is such a strong word, and also the majority of times music is meant to do that. It’s expected to make you feel uncomfortable. I don’t really know what to feel below, but that melody is gold.”

After all 4 of the authors had actually presented their original work-related,Charlie admitted he was “floored” through what he heard. He also explained, “I’mlooking for a song that people are going to have actually stuck in their head forever.”

With that, he chose Zach Sorgenand “Halittle bit,” Joel Adams and also “HateLove,” and also Sam DeRosa via “Pill For This” to continue via consultations withthe producers who were given instructions to not execute anything that Charlie hasalready done.

All three songs underwent considerable changes as the authors met via their respective producers, via the a lot of complicated being Joel’s “Hate Love,” which went in an EDM direction that he didn’t seem completely on board with. However, as he performed the revised variation, he did an excellent project. As did Sam, whom the panel believed could have actually a recording career.

It was apparent that the decision of which song to percreate wasdifficult for Charlie. A tear rolled down his cheek as he addressed theartists: “A lot of human being all my life looked at me, ‘Why doesn’t Charlie obtain areal job’ and also ‘What’s he going to do? Write songs around his life forever?’ AndI would wait outside document labels and also they would certainly tell me that my songs werecorny and also that I have to simply remain in college and also obtain a normal project, and also no onewould actually ever care about what I had to say. It’s just sort of surrealthat I’m sitting here in this chair and also having human being consider songs for meappropriate now.”

But he felt confident that he had actually preferred the right song to recordand it was Zach Sorgen’s “Halittle.”

Check out your favorite digital organization provider to hear all ofthe music from Songland. And tune in next week as soon as the season finalefunctions producer Ryan Tedder’s band, One Republic.