When world talk about “good bone structure” in the face, they’re regularly referring to cheekbones, i beg your pardon is your genuine facial framework beneath the skin. They’re greatly composed of our malar bones, which deserve to sit lower or higher depending ~ above the person.

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If the malar bones are close up to the eyes, you’re taken into consideration to have high cheekbones. If they sit lower towards the pointer of her nose, climate you most likely have actually lower cheekbones. No is better than the various other – genetics and also ethnic background have actually a lot to execute with malar bone placement and the whole bone framework on her face. Some societies value higher cheekbones over lower ones, even though both space equally beautiful.


How to look choose you have actually high cheekbones

Even though an excellent looks are subjective, many people with short cheekbones try to simulate the illusion of high cheekbones and figure out just how to emphasize the structure. Come look choose Angelina Jolie or Katherine Hepburn, you deserve to simply contour, i beg your pardon adjusts the place of your cheekbone. Consider this method before improving via dermal filler or cheek implants.

Use makeup

After you usage our previously mentioned method to discover your cheekbones, sucking in those hollows choose a fish to situate them more easily. Start to contour and also remember that to save it more natural, don’t go previous the external tip of the eyebrow. Dab a little bit of bronzer listed below the hairline, smoothly swiping under to create a line with the top component of your cheekbone. Then, use a highlighter v a fine brush above the malar bones. Make certain your highlighter and contour powder match. Other shimmery cosmetics can work as well. Don’t be fear to watch some YouTube tutorials.


Stop dieting

People with low cheekbones don’t have the deluxe of maintaining their malar skeletal razor-sharp as the years walk on and also that young, plump look Remember that if you have naturally short cheekbones, shedding weight will only enhance them and also may even add a droopy look. As women gain older, they lose the fat in their face. Collagen supplements, and a healthy (and hearty) diet, might help you host onto that full and youthful look.

Artificial cheek enhancements

You can go down the course of fillers and implants or other synthetic enhancements. Still, this decision may transform the appearance of your challenge forever, and there’s naught temporary around these procedures.

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Sure, short cheekbones might have a negative reputation. Yet they make you distinctive in a soil of generic, too many photogenic faces, and also are nothing to it is in ashamed of. It can be person nature to view high cheekbones as a signifier of confidence, yet you understand what’s better? Real and also unadulterated confidence, regardless of what girlfriend look like. It is in confident and rock your low cheekbones or high cheekbones v swag – it will certainly make human being envious either way.