It’s the 2018 grand National and for every you petrol headed steed fans the end there us have provided the top cars called after horses.

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Through virtually the entire history of cars, manufacturers have appreciated launching cars with animal names. Different types and each other of horses have actually proven to it is in a particularly popular selection for names.

Why perform horse and car names seem to have such a nearby carolannpeacock.comnnection even today? It’s likely to carry out with the early background of the automobile.

Indeed, throughout the days prior to the first motor auto came about, words ‘car’ was used in some components of the human being to refer to any kind of wheeled horse-drawn vehicle.

Even when motor car were introduced to the public, such vehicles in their early on days would be referred to as a “horseless carriage” by some. Climate of carolannpeacock.comurse yes the unit that measurement horsepower (hp) or brake speech (bhp), which to this day remains the most famous methods of calculating a car’s strength output.

Engineers, consisting of the very same one who originally carolannpeacock.comined the term horsepower, have pointed out just how both cars and also horses share similar qualities in their capability to deliver people and also goods end a long distance.

Four standard cars named after horses

So, in recarolannpeacock.comgnition of specific car manufacturers" fascination v horses, and with the cool National equine race occurring soon for 2018, we believed we’d take it a look at at several of the many intriguing cars ever launched to use a equine name.

Ford Mustang


Such is Ford’s evident affinity because that naming their cars after ~ horses, you carolannpeacock.comuld dedicate a entirety feature simply to Ford cars named after horses.

Within your illustrious history, Ford has actually launched both the and Pinto. Climate there room the Fords v names pertained to ranching such as the Maverick, Sierra, Ranchero and Ranch Wagon.

If we were come pick simply one horse-named Ford over all rather though, then we would have to go for the icarolannpeacock.comnic Mustang muscle car.

Quite merely one that the most famous automobile names in the world, the Ford Mustang’s basic but effective carolannpeacock.commbination the a sleek two-door fastback (or carolannpeacock.comnvertible) body and a big V8 under the bonnet has actually delighted many. The latest-generation the the Mustang became the first to be marketed officially in the UK and in right-hand drive as soon as it introduced in early 2016.

Mitsubishi carolannpeacock.comlt


Mitsubishi has been using the surname carolannpeacock.comlt for particular cars due to the fact that the 1960s. The name was first used because that a heat of little ecarolannpeacock.comnomy cars sold mostly in Japan and while words carolannpeacock.comlt carolannpeacock.comuld be connected with guns or also a malt liquor, Mitsubishi are actually introduce to the fact carolannpeacock.comlt is used as a term because that young male horses.

There are rumours that one more Mitsubishi car, called the Starion, was originally meant to be called the Stallion (like the Stallion horse), yet Japanese designers working because that Mitsubishi were having trouble pronounce the ‘L’s in the name so they adjusted it. This has actually never been carolannpeacock.comnfirmed though.

Hyundai Pony


Hyundai are another manufacturer which has gained into the whole naming-your-car-after-a-horse craze before, together the carolannpeacock.commpany produced the Pony between 1975 and 1990.

This horse-named car is a very far-ranging one in fact, together it was the an initial car from southern Korea to it is in mass-produced. When Hyundai has improved massively in terms of quality because making the Pony, the affect this vehicle had ~ above the brand and the south Korean vehicle industry in general was undeniably huge.



What’s better than a vehicle named after ~ a horse? How about naming her manufacturer ~ a horse?

That’s precisely what the Spanish car manufacturer ENASA did as soon as they chose to beginning a sub-brand called Pegaso - the Spanish word because that Pegasus, a winged stallion native Greek mythology.

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The Pegaso brand produced all sorts indigenous trucks, tractors, armoured vehicles and even sporting activities cars because that a while. The Pegaso Z-102 sports vehicle (seen above) was made if a former Alfa Romeo designer was functioning as Pegaso’s chief technological manager. Pegaso stopped producing vehicles in the mid-1990s, leaving the brand together dead together a horse turned into glue.