ISLE of WIGHT, CO., Va. - The exploration down the dirt roadway was choose a poor dream.

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The human body of a woman liedat the sheet of a farmer"s ar near Morgarts Beach. Someone beat the woman to death and also dumped her body there.

"This situation causes nightmares," stated Lt. Tommy Potter indigenous the Sheriff"s Office. "This is among those cases that friend can"t get out of her head."

Investigators started looking into the case on the work of the discovery on July 1, 2004.Through fingerprints, they determined the body as 28-year-old Carrie Singer.

Nearly 13 year later, the case remains unsolved, but now there"s a put in order effort. Investigators are re-interviewing people who may have actually information and also are experimentation the forensic evidence again. "We are basically functioning this case as if i just acquired a contact this morning to say there was a body of 20-some year-old white female lied in a field," Potter said.

Part of your work has trying to map Singer"s last days. Investigators to speak she obtained into a fight with her boyfriend at their residence in Hampton top top June 29, but they say her boyfriend was the victim. Castle don"t know where Singer went that night.

On June 30, investigators to speak she checked right into a motel, once well-known as the King James Motel in Newport News. She also took money the end of one ATM at a 7-Eleven farther down Jefferson Avenue. On July 1, the farmer found her body. Potter wants to recognize if anyone else witnessed her prior to she died. "Those piece of the puzzle and also anybody the she was seen v will aid us start to item a most this together," that said.

At first, investigators doubted Singer"s boyfriend, Robert Dezern. Singer relocated from Florida to the Peninsula v Dezern, however he was ruled the end as main suspect. Lt. Potter wouldn"t speak why. "All I have the right to say about her boyfriend at the moment is the he totally cooperated with the investigation and at the time, he was ruled out as the main suspect," Potter said. Dezern passed away in 2013.

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Singer had a temper, Potter said. "I think in this instance there is a good chance the Carrie met up v someone that she had interactions through somebody and that probably something triggered," the said. "She go from zero to 60, but unfortunately she came across someone that wouldn"t ago down and also there to be an altercation."

For currently investigators room hoping to fix the instance for Singer"s family. It"s been a practically 13-year nightmare because that them. "Nobody deserves to die a death like Carrie did," Potter said.