On Tuesday, the Latino superstars exit their participation "Canción Bonita," an ode to among their favourite cities: mountain Juan, Puerto Rico, the same city wherein the two crossed courses for the an initial time in 1987.

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"It's a good opportunity to do such a special song with Ricky," Vives, 59, speak carolannpeacock.com. "In 1987, he to be finishing up through Menudo and beginning his career as a soloist. During that time, we had actually the possibility of see each other a lot and also got to recognize each other."

"I landed on a really one-of-a-kind moment and since then, we've to be friends," the Colombian star adds. "And even though us went ~ above our very own paths, we never ever forgot about each other."

San Juan became a pivotal city because that both of your careers. And also recently, the singers crossed courses in human being at a foundation gala, where Martin's foundation awarded Vives' Tras La Perla foundation with one award.



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"Now that we were able come walk its roadways for the video, it was such a great reminder of that beauty it provided us and our careers," that says. "We're so thankful for it and also we fan it so lot for our music and careers. Us talk about Miami, L.A., Mexico City, Buenos Aires, however we forget about San Juan."

"San Juan was the genesis for so many of us," that adds. "Being there allowed us come remember every the magical moments we had actually there. It to be so an excellent to it is in there."

"Canción Bonita" is a perfect mix that Martin's popular music feel and also Vives' unmistakable tropical sounds. It's also the perfect arrival to a post-pandemic life wherein listeners can move their hips and also dance come the music.

And Vives has actually nothing however praise because that Martin, 49, together he credits the Pausa singer's island because that his unmistakable personality.



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"Behind all the success of Ricky Martin, there will constantly be the Puerto Rican kid," the says. "He'll never ever stop being that sincere, happy, voluntary person. That genuine, charismatic energy. He's the summary of being Puerto Rican."

As with many stars, the pandemic offered Vives a time to sit back, reflect and also spend time v his family in his indigenous Colombia.

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"It's together a mixed feeling," that says about the pandemic. "We're privileged to have a location to live, we have actually a family, there's food, therefore we've had actually the possibility to invest so lot time together. Ns would constantly complain due to the fact that I'd have to grab a plane and leaving behind mine kids. Yet while the pandemic carried some daunting things, it permitted me to share sweet moments v my children."

"There's been so many blessings," he adds. "This pandemic has actually taught me that if we desire to make time because that something, we deserve to do it. La vida es dura y dura." (Life is hard and long.)


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