People seeking braces often don’t go ahead with the necessary treatment as they have gaps or missing teeth. In truth missing teeth are not an issue and treatment can go ahead without issue. As an adult, you may have lost a tooth or two throughout your life or have a large gap. It could be that braces are beneficial in these circumstances. Either way, braces are an option. In this post, we’ll take you through the facts and answer your question – Can I get braces with gaps? Let’s get going.

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Youngsters with crooked teeth or severe malocclusions will find jaw growth and tooth eruptions affected. This is unless orthodontic treatment arrives. This is where gaps are made on purpose. Gaps are done with devices such as spacers and braces. These gaps will ensure room for teeth to grow in and true to the form of the jaw shape.
Treatment can start as early as 7 years of age. A good orthodontist will know where and what gaps are necessary. Or how to work with existing gaps to aid orthodontic treatment. Severe malocclusions in children will affect the growth of adult or permanent teeth later in the growth timeline.


It is important for adults with missing teeth to get braces treatment. Gaps in the tooth line cause issues like shifting, bite irregularities, and even bone loss. The strain on the jaw can cause headaches and health issues late in life.

Adults have options unavailable to children. An implant may well fix the problem. If you have teeth that shifted earlier in life or untreated malocclusions a gap may be needed to make room for the implant. Whatever the issue or history of your teeth, orthodontic treatment will correct the spacing of your remaining teeth.

What to do About Missing Teeth

Dental Implant

Implants are a good option. A dentist will know the best way to deal with one. Implants are robust and last a good while. Implants also look like natural teeth. Implants anchor in the jaw and allow for proper bite pressure. Bone loss is then prevented and strain on other teeth lessened.

Bone loss is prevented and strain on other teeth lessened.

Expect many visits and surgical treatment. Sometimes 4 months of pain can be needed to complete the task. Note implants are not a cheap option. There are other less expensive ways to fill gaps caused by missing teeth.

Dental Bridge

A dentist places a crown on the teeth on either side of the gap. This crown has in it a false tooth known as a bridge. It is this false tooth that fills the gap. This procedure is a quicker treatment than an implant. Note that This treatment isn’t a long-lasting option and does not look as natural as implants.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures exist as a temporary solution. This temporary treatment holds the fort until successful treatments such as those described above can be installed. This treatment is less invasive than those mentioned above. Drawbacks to this style are the hastening of decay of existing teeth and can be very uncomfortable. They also need continuous maintenance and care.


You can get braces after or instead of the above treatments. Consult a board-certified orthodontist for advice on how to move forward with your perfect and healthy smile.

Whether this is through routine orthodontic work or through surgery, Dr. Gluck and the professionals at Gluck Orthodontics will be the ones to help with this process so that it goes smoothly and conveniently for you.

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