Lighter, fluffier foods are always the optimal recommendation when it comes to snacks. Instead of choosing harded, crunchier snacks, go for vegetable sticks or light crackers. Watch out for lighter snacks that have actually a sticky aftertaste.

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You want to consider any type of foods v hard, sharp, or jagged bits to be a no-go v your dentures. It deserve to be uncomfortable if you get a item of tough food lodged in between your dentures and also your gums. Outlet food can additionally damage the aesthetics of her dentures end time, which can at some point require a repair or complete replacement.

Sugar-free gum

If you want to chew on something to store your jaw busy, consider sugar-free gum. It’s basic alternative to sticky or tacky foods, and also it’s something sweet to enjoy. A advantage to chewing gum is saliva production, which counteracts the emotion of noodle mouth or dry gums.

Sticky treats

Avoid anything sticky, tacky, or syrupy. The adhesive nature of the food is known to frequently dislodge dentures, also when you’re cautious chewing.


You might want something healthier to snack top top or to add to a salad. Think about softer alternatives like berries, olives, or seedless grapes. You’ll obtain the health and wellness benefits these foods offer and reduce the opportunity of dislodging your dentures.


Harder, crunchier snacks space not recommended while put on dentures. Typically, those who eat nuts or similar snacks just chew on one next of your mouth. The nature of bite-sized foods means chewing on both political parties of the mouth is difficult. This type of chewing can dislodge or detach the dentures.


Baked goods

Replace any type of seeded or tough baked products with non-seeded and also softer alternatives.

Crackers or seeded bread

Tiny sharp bits nothing feel good against the gums. Imagine one of those bits the food lodging in between your gums and also your dentures. It doesn’t feel great.

Pieces and also strips

If over there are foods you certain love however find hard to chew favor fish, chicken, or various other meats, cut them up into smaller chunks and consume lock slowly. Pay fist to how your dentures feel as you eat.


Don’t destabilize your teeth through large, difficult to chew foods. If girlfriend absolutely can’t provide up her steak, consider cutting the meat right into long thin strips, chewing the meat equally on both sides of her mouth, and take that slow.

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Coffee and tea

Coffee and also tea enthusiasts with dentures have a few things to save in mind. The acidity of the drinks will influence the aesthetic of your dentures similar to continuous teeth. This way if friend don’t desire to stain your dentures, you have to be conscious of the frequency of consumption. Psychic to remain hydrated with various other sugar-free drinks, such together water and also some juices. Saliva production is directly related to dry mouth, which can make your dentures uncomfortable come wear.