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Nifty trick to make certain your order ships to your PO box

Question: just how do friend fill out your Amazon shipping address with a PO box?

Answer: Filling out your Amazon shipping attend to with a PO crate is simple. This is the trick – only write her PO box in the ‘Address line 1’ field and don’t placed your street address. That’s it. Only putting your PO crate in the shipping resolve lets Amazon know they must delivery via USPS. Various other shippers choose Fed Ex and also UPS can’t deliver to a PO box.

Pro Tip: Click below to visit your Amazon cart so you deserve to input her shipping address. Filling out your Amazon Shipping resolve With a PO crate is simple. First, this only works if USPS is shipping, because PO boxes space owned by USPS. As long as the parcel isn’t as well large, you will do it be fine.

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How to Fill out Amazon Shipping address With PO crate - The appropriate Way

As discussed above, the best means to fill the end your amazon shipping attend to with a PO box is simply add your PO box right into the “Shipping resolve 1” line. In other words, ONLY include a PO crate to your shipping address. This allows Amazon know you want your package come go v USPS.

Do not add your real street attend to at any point.

Other shipping companies favor UPS and also FedEx don’t provide to PO boxes. They’ll simply try to provide your package to the street resolve (if you list one, which is why us don’t recommend listing one).

Note: If friend live in the U.S., most items on Amazon are accessible to ship via PO box. Amazon will typically pop a post on display screen if the product you trying come buy can not be delivered via PO box. Part items are merely too big to deliver to a PO box.

3 Easy procedures On how To Fill out Amazon Shipping attend to With PO Box

1. Authorize in to her account

Login to her account

Sign in to your Amazon account utilizing your username & password.

Once you sign in, proceed to step 2.


2. Proceed to checkout

Pro Tip: Click below to visit ‘Your Cart‘ & skip Step 2.

Once you sign in to her Amazon account, navigate to ‘Proceed to checkout’ by:


3. Deal with line 1

Input your PO box right into \"Address heat 1\"

In checkout, kind your PO crate in attend to line 1.

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Do not form your normal address in deal with line 2. Skip this attend to line completely. This ensures Amazon defaults your order to USPS.