If you room a guy, being referred to as a device is offensive and confusing. Girlfriend were talk to a friend or who you liked. For part unknown reason, she chose to tell you that she thought you to be a tool. In addition to gift exceptionally inconsiderate, she is additionally a bit confusing. What precisely did she mean and also what is she trying come signal to you?


According to metropolitan Dictionary, a device is someone who is no smart sufficient to realize that he is being used. According to the site, a tool has a short self-esteem and/or a short intelligence. Other human being think the a device is someone that thinks that he is far better than that is there is no really understanding his limits. Lock may shot to watch or speak a details way, however they never notice the body language the the human being that they room around.

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Some girls go with the second definition of a tool. Lock think a tool is the guy you check out at the gym, exploring his muscles and thinking that he is god’s gift come women. Prior to you have the right to really recognize what the girl supposed by calling friend a tool, you have to figure out what meaning she method by it. Is she trying come say the you are egotistical and also arrogant? Or is she trying come say that you are getting used by someone roughly you? If you know the meaning she gives to the phrase, the is easier to figure out what she means. We will cover some of the most typical reasons why a girl might speak to a man a tool.

1. She Genuinely thinks You are a Tool

This is the first and most apparent reason because that it. She could not it is in trying come hurt friend or push you away. She is just speaking her mind and telling you specifically what she thinks. If she is for this reason blunt and also outspoken, simply ask her what she meant by it. She might have the not correct impression of you, or she might realize that few of your girlfriend are covertly taken advantage of you. If you desire to discover out what she supposed by it, one alternative is to simply ask her.

2. She wants You to protect against Hitting top top Her

If she called you that you space a tool to your face, that is a rather bold, offensive thing to do. After ~ all, exactly how many civilization do you call names? Hopefully, not many. Calling who a surname is quite aggressive and it is a clear sign that she is no interested. If you have been crushing ~ above her and are interested in date her, she can be plainly trying to tell you that she is not interested and also does not desire to be through you ever. If you have actually been hitting on her, hearing the word “tool” is a clear sign that girlfriend should move on to who else and also forget around her.

3. She go Not desire to be Friends

Perhaps you are not interested in dating her—you simply thought the she would be a cool girlfriend or someone who might give girlfriend advice about your girlfriend. Again, calling you a tool is a clear authorize that she go not want to it is in friends. In addition, the is likewise a good sign that she is no someone that you would ever before want to it is in friends with. If this is just how she reaction to someone who simply wants to cave out through her, she is certainly not girlfriend material.

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4. She Thinks her Girlfriend or Friends room Using You

The girl could take the phrase, “tool,” really literally. The first meaning is the a fool that is being used by others. You might not realize it, yet someone around you could be utilizing you. Most likely, this person is a close girlfriend or a girlfriend. As soon as you treatment for someone, you check out the finest of them and also dismiss the small things the seem odd. Together an outsider, the girl may notification these tiny things and also realize that they add up to negative friends or a disastrous girlfriend. If the other reasons on this list do not enhance up, you can want to take into consideration if someone close come you is actually using you.