(a) calculate the one temperature in ~ which Fahrenheit and Celsius thermometers agree through each other. (b) calculate the one temperature in ~ which Fahrenheit and also Kelvin thermometers agree v each other.

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all right. The inquiry asked friend to discover the temperature in ~ which the minute our reading in Fahrenheit will certainly agree with the moment or analysis in self. And you put me in ~ the moment of analysis Parent, I would certainly willing in Fahrenheit what agrees v her mommy in a analysis in Calvin. And also you know what to do. This difficulty We still need the master formula. Teo, convert between the make the efforts of scales. For this reason we have PS is equal. Tio Ah, my 5th time's TC T C to add plus two. And so when at the moment are reading in, discovered high agrees with a thermometer reading in cabinet phones. That method that the temperature in the temperature is the exact same in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, therefore you space able to. Therefore I'm permitted Teo to change um the asked my TC in this equation and also rearranged this equation to find t. C. Right? So points T s is same to t. C. Then T c is same to nine fifteen Time's TC thirty two. For this reason that method rearranging this equation a small bit. You're gonna uncover that an unfavorable thirty 2 is able to ninety minus one T C, i m sorry is same to forty over. Fine, no view would be equal, Tio 5 times. Meghan thirty two, divided by four. And this is may be to an unfavorable forty, forty 3 years. And also you and also the thermometer reading in Fahrenheit will certainly greet the very same temperature. That's the very first part. The second part is when the second component is as soon as you have Okay, now, ns don't remember on peak of my head that the the formula is open but from Shanghai come Calvin Tillman and also just really rob it. For this reason we recognize that he s it's same to knife it time T C add to thirty two. So i will deal with for T C. T. C is same to thirty pounder two, five, nine times t f minus thirty two. Right. And also this is also equal Tio tio minus 2 ninety seven. Just try to every three, two, seventy three and also find talent minus 2 thousand three went so that would median T Calvin is equal to two seventy three plus five nine gs. Maya phone 5 times thirty two split by nine. And also this is equal to community. Seven much more minutes. Five times come the winner is same to 5 nine plan TF. Um quest two fifty five suggest two indigenous this is okay. And also so ask prior to now us have, Ah, one equation the convert between Calvin and turn. Right. And also since the department of two thermometers review the same temperature, then you were permitted Teo to replace T k mighty affable or by sports at the FBI, UK hold tight and also equations and, um and even because that t k or T s, for the matter. For this reason I'm walking to replace T f mine t k t k is same to five nine time t k plus two twenty two, fifty five point to. Therefore that method we arranges the equation. You're gonna have one minus five nine time T k is same to two. Fifty five point two. So that way that's because that nine time. T k is come fifty five point two and t. K is equal. Tio um time's fool, girl name their people to one thirteen suggest four society kelvin favor that.

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And also once you have actually this, you deserve to freely transform this tio one of two people Fahrenheit or Celsius. For this reason that's the gist the this problem.