One in a collection of evenings and also special screenings presented at The Paley center for Media in Los Angeles. This evening celebrates "The Path," the drama series about a family drawn to a religious movement operation by a charismatic leader.Host Rene Reyes (executive in fee of production, The Paley center for Media) supplies opening remarks and also introduces the third season premiere, "The Beginning," i m sorry is climate screened in the entirety. (For synopsis and also credits, watch ACCNUM 131622.)After the screening, Todd VanDerWerff (critic-at-large, moderates the adhering to panelists: executive producer/creator/writer Jessica Goldberg; and also cast members Hugh Dancy (Cal Roberts), Emma Greenwell (Mary Cox), Aaron Paul (Eddie Lane), and also Michelle Monaghan (Sarah Armstrong).The panelists touch on together topics as: Dancy"s see on Cal"s "drive"; emerging the "hypoxian cleanse," motivated by Japanese penalty rituals, and also shooting the difficult scene through Dancy and also Monaghan; Sarah and Cal"s extensive intimacy; Eddie and also Sarah"s bond as "soulmates" and also their absence of mutual screentime in season two; Mary"s journey and growing self-confidence; the decision to bring Meyerism come mainstream fist via society media in season three; genuine interest in the fictional religious beliefs from civilization unaware that the show; exactly how working ~ above the series has impacted the cast"s an individual views that faith and also a sense of community; emerging the history and routine of Meyerism, including its yearly holidays; the actors" interest in some of its tenets, including the "unburdening" the sins and guilt; impetus from the legacies of assorted real religions; Paul"s countless scenes with newcomer Freida Pinto, who plays Vera; Eddie"s trip from self-doubt to accept his duty as a "vessel" and a leader; how Dancy"s dissimilar characters of Cal and Will Graham native "Hannibal" make use of empathy; the "good chance" of a continuation of fan-favorite "Hannibal," officially cancelled in 2015; the actors" past high-profile roles and also how fans react to their brand-new project; the theme of parent-child relationships, consisting of the countless infant actors on set; Eddie"s bond v daughter Summer (Aimee Laurence) and also her potentially prophetic artwork; just how the characters" themes of faith and also doubt space reflected in the writers" room; guest stars in season three, consisting of Dancy"s "Hannibal" co-star Raúl Esparza; why combine real-world politics can be "a fun roadway to hoe"; and also Dancy and also Paul"s very dissimilar feel on working v their line co-star.Questions from the audience then cause a discussion of the adhering to topics, amongst others: their an individual religious backgrounds, including Paul"s father"s work-related as a Baptist minister; Paul and also Monaghan"s lack of official drama training and belief in "learning ~ above the job"; how the revelations around Cal"s past, consisting of his repressed memories, "clarified" Dancy"s check out of the character; reactions and also praise from viewers who have experienced genuine cults and crises that faith; and also the mental "fatigue" that can come v living with their personalities for long periods that time.




Rene Reyes … host Todd VanDerWerff (see also: Emily VanDerWerff) … Moderator Hugh Dancy … Panelist Emma Greenwell … Panelist Aaron Paul … Panelist Michelle Monaghan … Panelist Jessica Goldberg … Panelist Raúl Esparza Aimee Laurence Freida Pinto proceed searching the repertoire ➾

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