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Try as I can, I can"t uncover this component virtual. Perhaps AC was conventional for this year version. Perhaps it"s pointed out in the service hand-operated, which I don"t have actually. If anyone recognize how to discover it, I would certainly appreciate your help!Due to the fact that the belt demands to be reinserted anymethod it just makes sense to me that we obtain the best belt rather of going with all this aobtain at 3x the price. The sheave mount that broke is made out of some brittle metal that"s so crappy it feels prefer plastic and also I doubt the brand-new one will be any kind of much better.Her automobile is a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera S through the V6 engine.

Have you tried a various design year for the very same gen and motor?I assumed a lot of ac bypasses were 30-40 bucks. I"m guessing you are having actually it done and also their charging a bunch for labor.

Have you tried a various design year for the very same gen and also motor?I thought many ac bypasses were 30-40 bucks. I"m guessing you are having it done and their charging a bunch for labor.
I did a small poking but didn"t uncover anything under the few similar years I checked. Was really hoping someone had a way to search by engine instead of by auto, because the shorter belt is most likely an alternative in some various other model.You"re right: It"s $40 but the much longer belt is additionally more expensive. It requirements a belt bereason she left it pinched under her hood through a significant percent being weathered in the summer warm for 2 months and currently it"s deformed.It looks favor a belt for no AC could be $15-$18 where the belt via AC is $22-25. Add $40 for the replacement AC bypass sheave and I"m paying four times as much as I would if I just gained the ideal belt to begin. I"m not hesitating bereason of labor fees (I"m doing it), yet I hesitate to spend 4x as a lot just to have it break aobtain a year dvery own the road. I"m going to be kicking myself if I only had to ask online to discover the cheaper belt however I"m ready to just do it for $65+tax if the shorter belt is not easily accessible. I can still return it if someone points me to the right belt so it can not hurt to ask initially.
These AC bypass sheave mounts are built out of brittle pewter junk. I don"t understand just how the previous one lasted 3 years. I might literally break chunks off it via my hand.

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Jul 14, 2017
Your diagram does not show an A/C bypass pulley-block, was it just mounted around wright here the A/C would have been?What is the origin of this vehicle? Was it bought new? I"m wondering why it has actually the A/C bypass pulley? It appears that A/C came conventional on any type of via the larger (V6) engine.Anymeans, via A/C it"s a 6 rib belt, .82" wide and also .17" thick, and 108" long. You could meacertain the distinction in size necessary by going the different path and subtract that, then on a belt manufacturer"s website, lookup what they have actually.For instance on Dayco"s website, mean you estimate you need a 74" long belt. I am making this number up out of thin air. Dayco reflects 4 various belts via only an inch distinction between shortest and also longest. Buy one locally then if it is also brief or lengthy, change appropriately and exadjust it. Clean the pulleys ahead of time so the belt continues to be brand-new looking and also is returnable. The last three digits in the component # tell you the size so just readjust those digits.